Sober Leg Selfies


So I thought I’d share this sober leg selfie story about how God works in mysterious ways despite all the hurdles I have. So I still haven’t been able to get to my clothes, but I got some really cheap stuff at the thrift store. Anyways, there was a wedding at this hotel 2 nights ago. I went out to smoke a cigarette and was barefoot and limping because I’ve been in these sandals for a week and walking a ton. There,was a guy outside and we started talking. Said he was taking a break cause he has 3 years sober and everyone was drunk and he wasn’t comfortable. He asked why I was barefoot and limping. I explained my story. He then asked me what size shoe I wear. I told him and he went to his car trunk and came back with these. Said he’s only wore them once and that I could have them. I did a search and they are like 140 dollar Nike running shoes. I won’t forget that dude and he even knocked on my room before he left to check on me.


Dang! That’s awesome, Bill! What’s even better is that now you’re all geared up to start running on the Strava Thread!


Because of the accident, I won’t be running for a little bit…lol :laughing: I’ll keep it mine though when I’m ready!


So, what are you doing for yourself since the wreck? Are you seeing a doctor? Was the other person insured? Did you have PIP coverage on your vehicle?


Had to document these awesome zombie/city on fire socks I snagged last night.


Still, those are the perfect kicks for physical therapy! Amazing story, Bill. :heart:


Day 445
Midday movie :grinning:


That’s beautiful. I love to see the goodness in this world of ours.


Super heavy day sober legs.


Sober metro legs


My legs over the last 24 hours…
My mom got me some damn near New Chuck’s that came into the kids store she runs they are so pretty and sparlkly :heart_eyes:

Then I fell at my mom’s and hurt myself to the point I was throwing up from the pain, sitting on my heating paids and ice packs again.

So I’m just relaxing trying to heal watching all my new fall episodes of shows on Hulu


Oh no on the fall!!! I hope you’re okay!


Oh hi I have dogs :woman_facepalming:t3:


Lol, your leg looks like my leg!


You know, except I don’t have dogs…


That is skillful photography right there!


workin legs :smiley:


Sober Sunday kitty legs


Sober bath legs :heart_eyes:
Heavy cream, honey and cinnamon oil. My skin loves it and the smell…yum!


So besides the guy that asked me for a cig and a needle. I met this other homeless old man. He only had socks on his feet. I asked him his shoe size and gave him the sneakers that the guy gave me a few days ago. I have shoes now that I was able to get to some of my clothes. So paying it forward seemed like the best thing to do. We talked most of the night and we are praying for one another.