Sober Leg Selfies


what happened with the meeting today?


They really liked me but they have a rule that all new roommates have to have gone through a 30 day rehab before acceptance. Off to plan b…not that I have one yet. But at least State offices open tomorrow.


Is that a possibility for you, rehab?


Anything is possible at this point. I’ll know more tomorrow when all the state agencies open. Tonight I’m just going to try not to get killed…lol.


Good gravy, Bill. I hope things look up soon. I’m thinking of you, buddy.


Sandy Sober Legs on Day 365😌


Just worked four 12 hour shifts :sleeping::crazy_face: Today is my “transition day”… went to bed around 8 am, woke up around noon, so I can go back to bed around 8:30-9 pm tonight. These legs are taking it easy today. Oy!


So for anyone that’s stuck around for my ankle drama…:drum: please…I tore a motherlovin’ ligament! And I’m about to go to Universal studios in a week so now I have to put about 20000 steps on this baby or agree to let my husband push me around in a wheelchair and hope the Universal employees will accept my doctors note that says my diagnosis doesn’t have any ride restrictions :joy: ugh. Oh well. Enjoy my bionic leg. No charge for the blurry dog head.


Much support and love toward not getting killed!

May life bring you safe harbor in this, @Bill_Phillips. Incredibly kind, your sharing what you have. :pray:


And yeesh. Bad news about the ligament. :disappointed_relieved:

Take care of that thing! Once it’s healed up you can always go back for more rides. You only got one left ankle. /nagging


No worries, the doc said as long as I don’t get on any rides where my legs dangle I should be fine :heart: Most of the rides at Universal are enclosed now and I’ll just skip the ones that aren’t. I’ve been given strict instructions that I’m not allowed to wear heels at all, which was actually the harder news :joy: I love fancy shoes. I’m in flats for the foreseeable future. :disappointed:


Auts…get well fast


Silly yellow socks identify me as a fall risk. Ended up in hospital after colonoscopy


You poor thing…


Did something go wrong …or did they find something


Work leg selfie! And I finally compromised on a motorized scooter. I didn’t want a wheelchair at all but my husband slowly talked me into one with a motor on it at least. Almost 24 hours with this thing on and he’s right. I’m not gonna make it at a theme park without some help. :woman_shrugging: Time to stop being so proud and stubborn.


Oh no!!! Are you ok dude?


Something went wrong, but all good now


I can totally sympathize with this. I was in a boot one summer working with youth and had to go on so many field trips with that thing. The kids were the ones to teach me how to use crutches the correct way :joy: are you on crutches too, or just the boot?


Just the boot, thank goodness. I’ll be scooting around in the theme park but I’m mostly at my desk at work so she said I shouldn’t need crutches.