Sober Leg Selfies


You have a scooter now? This just went from lame to Mario Kart awesome. :+1:


:joy::joy: I’m renting one for the week while we’re in Orlando. I won’t be able to keep up otherwise. I clear about .5 mph with this boot on. I’m a turtle.


Green, red, or… BLUE? You should seriously get some stuffed Koopa troopa shells to throw at people in Orlando. :metal:


Watch out for those blue shells, they’re out for blood!


:joy::joy::joy: well, my scooter IS red…and if we’re just talking stuffed here…all the drinks will have kicked in for the people stumbling around at halloween horror nights & I’ve been dreading people stumbling into my scooter. That thing goes 5.25 mph, I might be able to flee after pegging someone with a plushie :joy::joy:


All my sober leg selfies are gonna be pretty recognizable now :joy: spiced this one up with a bare foot for scale, that boot is HUGE. And my drink of choice these days, Rainier Cherry sparkling water :drooling_face:


watching hockey legs opening nite for the NHL … watching my fav team Montreal take on my most hated team the fuckin Toronto maple leafs … go habs go​:smiley::smiley:


Yes! I want to be watching hockey.


There should be a wack of games on tonight


I am not by tv. I also have only been to live Admirals games. Maybe watching it on tv would be less fun. I still like it though. I like everything where there might be some rough play.


Go Habs! :raising_hand_woman:‍♀️


You bet ya go habs go



How did the new kid do?


He did ok … you a hockey fan


Sure. It’s the only sport I actually follow


oh, God my leg is hairy…


Wicked … who is your team ? Lot of good players have come out of Finland they have a good system there love watching them play Canada in the Olympics​:smiley::smiley:


love these new fiesty tights :love_you_gesture:


stuck in bed under the dog legs. With a lobster toy.
Excuse my laundry I didn’t feel like putting away when I got home last night. :joy: