Sober Leg Selfies


Relaxing on a friday night reading some stephen king.


I get that they’re comfy… but big bird yellow though? :rofl::joy:


Why not. :rofl::rofl:
My logic was, no one wants to wear loud colours, therefore, if i get these no one will want to wear them and they’re all mine… hahaha.


That’s logic I can get behind lol. No mistaking them bad boys.


Which book? My mom went to school with him.



Wondering how to fix this floor sober legs…


I need redo my kitchen floor this spring, the dog water bowl spillage over the years has apparently seeped down in underneath over time. Not looking forward to that! Lol. Good luck, I hope it goes well!


When’s it a good time to take down the Christmas tree lol


Shut. Up! We are fangirl-ing so hard over here!


Lol, I heard he was a weirdo. He was friends with my uncle in school


I like weirdos. We are such a Stephen King family. I think my daughter is going to cry. No really, we scene plot Misery, “Hey, Stephen, we don’t want to kidnap you - but will you let us live with you and talk to you for a few days?”


Living the dream. Sobriety with a view


I haven’t posted in nearly 300 days, how is everyone?


I like weirdos too, they are usually my absolute favorite people! I never got the pleasure to meet him. I really want to and if I ever do, I’m going to ask if I can camp ever again on the land he bought I grew up camping on lol. He got struck by a van actually right near there while we were in town camping there.


@MandiH @EarnIt
I SK once in at a truck stop in Bangor, Maine. We were driving up to Baxter State Park and stopped at a truck stop for breakfast. SK was also eating there - apparently he frequents it. We were walking out to the parking lot at the same time and he dropped a handful of change by accident in the parking lot and I helped him pick it up. He said “Thanks, you are helping me make my fortune.” That was about 16 years ago, when of course he was already very successful indeed.


Yeah!! Back on the ice? Or have you always stayed with it?


WHAT? *Girls, get in the car. We’re heading to a truck stop in Bangor, Maine!"


Ugh, that’s definitely not my specialty! Good luck.


There you are! Can’t believe it’s been that long. Hope things have been well for you.