Sober Leg Selfies


Great view!! I hope you are having a great time!


Hakuna Matata!


Holy smokes that is a monster foot.

Them velcros :ok_hand::ok_hand::sunglasses:


Not arguing with my kids to do up their laces before school, mom hack, maybe lazy :joy: he’s only a 11.5 UK size, little foot :heart_eyes: or half pint or titch amongst other little people names I call him :slight_smile:


Here you go @Eke lounging in one of the living rooms in the house.


Some serious feng shui going on there.


Heck yes. Rest up those 35k step legs! :relaxed:


These sober legs are so very tired afterafter running hard today. I’m a big fan of these legs.


Hoping the Red Sox close it out and punch their ticket to the World Series.


Thoughts on rowing as daily exercise? I’m, um… asking for a friend who’s getting back in shape.


legs wearing Wolf and Sheep socks.


More Red Sox rooting sober legs!


So I’m sorry to report that I’m in this thing for at least another month. Stopped for gas on my way home from the ortho to shoot this one. Actually cried on the way home from this appt. Tried to be grateful because she told me if it hadn’t broke into the joint the way it did, and stayed there which is shocking seeing as how I ran on it for weeks when I was told it was a sprain, it would have been “career ending.” Like surgery, rods, and braces for a year. So i genuinely am trying to be grateful. Its just the thought of not running for months to come. I was just hoping for better news today.


Sorry to hear that, but as you’ve already said you’re trying to be grateful because it would have been much worse.
Im sure id feel the same way if i couldnt ride my bike for a couple of months, but in the whole scheme of things its not really that long. As long as you let it heal properly youll be good to go.

Can you swim or do any other low impact exercises to kind and hold you over til you get it off.


Yea I can do upper body and seated cardio. No swimming because it would involve too much foot movement. I think its just because every time I’ve gone back for this its gotten progressively worse. Back in August it was just a sprain, my gp kept saying, but it wasn’t getting better so I took myself off to the ortho and she said it might be a ligament tear, and then the MRI came back as a fracture but i was thinking like 6 weeks in the boot. I’ve already been in it a month. She sure set me straight today lol. She’s saying probably 4 to 6 months total rehabilitation before I’ll be near back to normal. Its such a petty thing but I’m also a real shoe horse lol. I love my high heels :joy:


Just finished up the treadmill and a shower


Damn, forgot to get my leg in! I was enjoying the sun setting next to my work van, while listening to Zeppelin’s ‘In the Evening’. Launderette leg update to follow.


I’m on a short fuse - all went well, the Launderette empty, my normal time, nice and relaxed…
With 10 minutes to go before my wash’s done this bint (below) strolls in and takes up 4 of the dryers, maybe even the 2 I can’t see! I’m all for equality, but in 3 minutes time if my washing’s not going straight in a dryer, I swear I will fight her, Ron Burgundy style.


Sober legs eating fresh raw cranberries…one of my favorite snacks.


It snowed today so I got my fuzzy socks out. :heart_eyes: