Sober Leg Selfies


Got my lucky socks on.


Soul Patch on the left, Lulu on the right and new orphan in the middle, we call him Mexico. They are patching my soul. Much needed remedy.


Brisk morning enjoying some coffee before I take the bus in town for a meeting, IOP and stopping at the resource center to do some volunteering.


Excuse my language, but I’m fucking proud of you dude…You’re on the right path


End of my day yesterday.


Cookie, reheated coffee, gorgeous linoleum floors and diving into research for work. I need to get my head out of my back side and focus…


What are you researching?


Oh my!! This is adorable and I wish I could have those three kittens on me now :heart:


This is so unusual, I never knew you could eat these raw!?


They are really good for you raw. I love sour things and they help keep me from snacking on candy, plus I get the health benefits. …win, win!


Maybe I’ll get some for one of my son’s, he loves sour things as well! I have to try one now :blush:

That sweet tooth is a bummer :roll_eyes:


Social change tendencies in Quebec and how it affects business.

I’m a consultant that facilitates collective processes aimed at adapting working dynamics and practices to social change. And I’ve been doing this for years in different capacities, but for employers. Now, I’m trying to be live through this so I have to research and write a business plan.
Thanks for asking :star2:


Yeah, unfortunately they are only available a couple months a year. However, they freeze great so usually after Thanksgiving I’ll buy a bunch of bags and freeze them. Sometimes I’ll even can them and make cranberry jelly :blush:


We changed Mexico’s name to El Chapo. Lol. Fits much better.


I’ve never squee’d, but if I ever was to, that pic would make me do it lol.

Sooooo cuuuuute



Yup lol
My dogs name is Estevan. He’s s rescue. I call him my little muttly but really he’s part Boston Terrier part Chihuahua.


Waiting at the bus stop and being reminded I should get a prostate exam.


I’ve been trained to do prostate exams. It’ll be on the house! :rofl:


We can only still be friends afterwards though :sweat_smile: