Sober Leg Selfies


Leg day!!!


Impressed with my gains at the gym, since quitting drinking :star_struck: Have you noticed a difference?


For sure! Its subtle but at higher weights it’s what i need to make the extra push.
When I would lift while drinking I would have to go easy a few days and I would feel bloated and tired from not enough sleep from staying up and my body processing the drinks still.
So I would make slow progress and settled on numbers I thought were good like 225 for squats.
Since quitting, I don’t need the recovery days from drinking and can lift my best from the start of the week and throughout.
Difference is, almost two weeks sober, I just squatted 265 for reps. That’s a 40 pound increase in a little under two weeks.
My focus, drive and body feels so much better. Now if only I ate better, one step at a time I guess…
Hows your workout?


I’ve definitely gone up in weights and have more stamina now. Cardio has become a breeze too- can run for longer periods now, just get bored with it sometimes, so I bought Bluetooth in-ear headphones. Need to start using these.


Oh God yes, cardio isnt hard it’s just very boring. I go into Beta mode and zone out. At least with weight lifting I know Im done on my own terms, two more sets. With cardio it’s like, ugh, im on time’s mercy.
I did crossfit for a few months, wife loved it as it was weight lifting cardio, it wasn’t so mundane as just running endlessly.



Haha soooooo cute :heart_eyes:


Everybody is a fall risk…everybody gets the yellow socks!


Yeah they told me everyone in s-icu got them.


Everybody gets a bed alarm too. Even the young seemingly safe. They are the ones that always end up on the floor…ain’t nobody falling on my watch. :grinning:


I didn’t get the alarm :thinking:. But I am so thankful for all the nurses that took amazing care of me :hugs:


On my way home from buying green medicine :heart_eyes:
Gastritis is better but now I have a sore throat and it’s too warm for this time of the year (84 F), I even can wear sandals lol.


Story coming up later :slight_smile:


Finished my slippers yesterfay and forgot to share!


Awe, cuuute!!



I’ve never seen your beautiful, messed up toes before!! :heart: And what a view. Swoon!


Snow has arrived!


Just chilling with my son after school


Great view!! I hope you are having a great time!