Sober Leg Selfies


Watchin kids play and gettin work done legs


Waiting on my Papa Murphy’s pizza!


Still in das boot and yes managed to break foot while sober. 20190204_183629|375x500



Legs need a shave, nails need painting, just for today… it won’t be happening


Sober legs and worn out boots.


Sober legs at the doctors


Sober legs stretching before work.


I almost never look at this thread and clicked it by mistake, this post was the first I saw. The Police are one of my favorite bands, had no idea Sting had a book. How was it? Is it an autobiography?


Yes, an autobiography! Honestly it was a little boring lol. I think it’s always interesting to read about ordinary people becoming superstars. He did write it well and definitinely doesn’t pretend to be anything other than himself.


There is a leg in there somewhere lol


What a lovely furry blanket you got there!!):heart_eyes:


Sober legs with sober 4 month chip. These sober legs need to go make breakfast and then shovel snow.


Nails always on point :purple_heart:


Yesterday evening reading with my son


Finally finished my own side project…


what is that?


An engine block. I broke it a few years ago. I just bought parts to fix it. Ive been getting to it here and there for the last week or two. Its a precise process to what makes an engine work and for my purposes of racing.


Only 4 pots, thought you guys loved your 8’s😂


Turbo… Is how i roll …lol im not going crazy with it just something alil fun. The race scene is a bit crazy now making 500hp all motor and 1000+hp on just a lil 4 cylinder. The are now doing awd conversions doing 7.60’s in the 1/4. Insane!