Sober New Year's Eve

My Recovery family and friends. Please hang in there tonight. Make the new year a truly happy one by staying sober. I am rooting and praying for you all, as well as myself. Happy New Year.


Happy New Year! Drinking Pepsi Max! :star_struck::partying_face::blonde_woman:

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I’m thinking of getting chocolate wasted if I can talk my husband into making those brownies in the cabinet :wink: I truly hope everyone sticks with it too. One night is not worth it and we all know that. Happy New Year!!


I was about to have a soda but I don’t drink a lot of caffeine so sticking with water. But definitely not whiskey. Happy New Year. Enjoy that soda.

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Haha. I hope he gets in there and gets it done. Enjoy those brownies and a hangover-free New Years.

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Nice. H2O here. Need to find something i enjoy drinking. Its had always been either water or whiskey. Soda gives me headaches, maybe I should try tea. Enjoy a hangover-free New Years and enjoy the mint tea.

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Happy New Year! Have all the treats and chips…and the beverage of choice for me, cherry berry kombucha! Delish and gut healthy to boot!

Wishing you and everyone in the TS community a blessed 2021. We can do this…we just have to believe we can and keep fighting!


Binge watching The Mandalorian, drinking LaCroix, eating Chex Mix. We went on a short 2 day trip, so are keeping a low profile tonight. Happy Sober New Years all!!

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Happy New Year. Hitting the Twinings Cold Infuse tea hard tonight. Lemon ginger, baby! :dancer:

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