Sober nightmares

Don’t you love it when you’re trying to get sober and have nightmares about drinking?? I never had dreams about drinking until trying to get sober. Last night I had a dream I woke up next to some random guy…apparently had been so shit faced that I had to leave my car somewhere and it was towed…In this nightmare nobody would give me the information on where my keys or car were…not the worst scenerio that’s happened in my actual life. I guess it’s a subconscious reminder that I never want to lead that destructive poisonous reality again


I think it’s our subconscious processing thoughts,

I suffer from PTSD and nightmares and for the longest time I hated sleeping, however its gotten better.

Lately I had a dream I was working a cop job and dealing with my estranged family at the same time, kinda messed me up. Made me think that I’m trying to deal with things that are unattainable

However on the drinking or using dreams, especially with negative results in the dream it almost makes you think that its your mind playing the tape of deep down you know these are the repercussions of use


I agree with you. I’m glad it’s getting better for you :slight_smile:

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I used to have nightmares about shooting up after I got clean. They happened quite frequently. But these kinds of dreams, as awful as they feel, will diminish in intensity and occurrence the longer you remain sober.

And even when they do happen later on, it will be much easier to dismiss them. I’m 450 days sober. Last month I had another one, but felt almost nothing when i awoke. No revulsion, no desire. So it will get better. :purple_heart:


yes I actually do, they intrigue me bc of how real they seem and its a little reminder of how shit it would make us feel if we did it in the waking world.


Thank you,

I hope things get better for you as well

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I have sober nightmares all the time about me being wasted drinking drugging the whole thing. I thought it was just me.