Sober Non-Alcoholic Friends?

I more than a couple of friends, who for whatever reason chose not to drink, very early in their lives. One is mildly allergic. He says he can handle one or two, but then gets hives, and it’s just not worth it. Hasn’t drank in 20 years One said he tried alcohol 1 time in HS, and didn’t like it. One said he got so drunk and sick at a party in HS, that he swore to never drink again. These guys are all in their late-40’s or early 50’s, so they’ve had plenty of time reassess their decisions, but they stuck to it.

I recall back when I was a drinker, feeling sorry for them, as they were choosing to miss out on “all the fun” I was having.

Turns out, it was I who was missing out, on what they had. Sobriety. Not because they had a problem with alcohol, but because they saw no value in it.

I’m sure that if you were to look at your broader circle of friends, you might find a couple like this. Good people to stand next to at a party.


Yes, I have been able to find other people that didn’t drink at gatherings everytime, unless it was family. Lol