Sober Recovery Music

Any Good Recovery Music Out there :musical_score: :notes:

I’m looking for something fun and interesting to listen to. I got used to listening to music to drink and I want to change the music for a bit so I am not triggered.

Any suggestions?


There are a few threads on here, check out Froot Loopz thread they got some upbeat stuff and Anthem of the day is for everyone and what inspires them to stay sober :slightly_smiling_face: still not sure how to link those but you should be able to see them on the front page


I just hold my finger down on the topic until it comes up with options to copy paste etc. on my iPad

And it’s Fruit Loops :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Dude it’s Froot Loopz haha I just noticed that I had a typo haha my autocorrect assumed I meant to put in front :rofl: youre the best


If you’re looking for music that is recovery themed I do a lot of John McAndrew.
I still listen to him a lot. He tours rehabs.

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