Sober selfies


I think it is over yes


How is this equal opportunity sexism? I didn’t find anything wrong with your pic, it was just you finding an opportunity to feed your vanity. Guessing those scars are a big reason why you feel the need to show your stomach. The free the nipple movement is so incredibly different, and this forum is not the place for it. Your scars are fine. Nipples are fine. However, this forum deals with all forms of addiction. You peacocked. Not appropriate. I stood by the side and watched all of this happen, including the acceptance. That’s all good. However, being the “freethenipple” person you are, that is appropriate elsewhere. All of you made me feel very uncomfortable and unsafe on this forum. I have posed as a nude model, long before I became an alcoholic. Free the nipple in appropriate spaces. Not in sober spaces.


Everyone needs to relax. Lets just go back to the threads intended purpose before i share a shirtless pic of mine and make everyone here ill.


Why even mention that? You posing as a nude model doesnt really have much to do with this issue. I felt like the topic was dead and over yesterday. It really needs to stay dead.


I’m a little late to the game, but I think I missed my opportunity to post my ass tat? If so sad face. Y’all can slide into my DMs tho :wink:


It’s not a tattoo of Roy Orbison, is it?


My next one will be.


It has everything to do. I did this. Drunk. Same as him posing and others disliking it. I posed sober as well, and the hate came down. It was a shirtless selfie, and this thread was not positive.


Please dm me, I don’t know how.


That’s fine. We don’t have to agree. Im not going to get into an argument about it.


12 days until my sober 1st birthday. :grin:


First sober dinner ! (Notice the water glass :sunglasses:)


Hit the trail for a quick mile after work today.


How are you doing Kris? Still going strong? Any luck on the job front? I’ve been following your story and I’m rooting for you


Awww you’re so sweet! Yes Im still going! I have two interviews next week so fingers crossed!! How about yourself? How are you doing??


Yay!! I hope something comes of it because a job will really help!

I’m doing pretty good. My husband seams to want to work things out? He knows I made a mistake and I am sorry. Things were a bit weird with my friend and she did tell me a few times that she’s angry with me when she’s in pain and doesn’t have her pills because I stole them. But she got her re fill and it’s better now lol. God I hope she doesn’t get addicted. Something weird is going to happen I can feel it. I’m scared for her. She says there’s no way that will happen to her and I’m like dude. Take them SPARINGLY. Ya know?


I really hope so too Im craving the routine of working so bad!! Im so happy to hear that things are well for you also! Yes I totally understand your concern for your friend pain pills it’s how I and most got started, people don’t realize it, ill pray for her, stay focused on you and all you’re doing!! Xo


Not a selfie, but wanted to share my bowling league score from tonight. I’m on day 3 no alchohol and was a bit hesitant to bowl, since it’s always associated with drinking. But I managed to stay clean and shot a 600 series, and our team won all 4 points!


I hope we don’t blow up over tatty underwearers here before that… :smile::wink::heart::tada:


I have a tattoo, I mean a brand, too…