Sober selfies



Haha thanks. I like him… he is so low maintenance :blush:


This is my second one. They really are great pets!!!


I used to have a Savannah monitor for a few years. My sister had the beardies tho. Great pets.


Who said sober people don’t have fun?


Greetings from 3.5 months.


Hi Heddy!!!


Sober looks good.


Pens have been my favorite team since I was a kid.
Jaromir jagr is one of my favorite players of all time.
Yeah, it’s common for Europeans to watch NHL.
We love hockey over here.
My hoodie is acutely from Pittsburgh.


Haha, after I sent you that reply I was kicking myself in the head, thinking “of course they watch hockey! They LOVE hockey! It’s only the idiots here who are unsure of it.”

And… Jagr! Uggh! Haha, he was a major asshole over here. But he was a great player.


Gotta love the kid And Geno! My fav team.



Yes, I went there


Go there all you want. I will let the last two Stanley cups speak for themselves.



Favorite for the cup this year?

Go Jets Go!! Woo


I’m from NC and would love to see the canes win it, but, im sticking with the Pens


People want to give ovie shit but he’s a hell of a player


I can’t stand that prick! He is a good player though. Damnit!


Can’t see the Canes’ making a push for the post season this year. I’m a huge Aho fan though! He’s scoring at an insane pace in the second half. He started the season going like 25 games and only scoring 1 goal


Yeah…he may be an SOB, but he’s our SOB.


Haha, I used to feel that way about Darius Kasperitis, then Andrew Ferrence after that. But Kasper definitely took the cake!