Sober selfies


Got to love the gym selfies


Finally cut my hair lmao.


Looks good! So much easier to handle I’m sure. I’m growing my hair out from super short chick hair and it’s right around where your hair was. I fucking HATE it! Why does it take so damn long! Haha, guess I’ll live.


Thank you so much.
It is way easier to handle, it also feels lighter… know what I mean? Like once all my hair was off I felt like a weight had been lifted both figuratively and literally :rofl:.

Super short chick hair huh? The only mental pictures I have are like a Bob? Pixie cut? That weird thing I see chicks do with the side of their head shaved? Lol.


Nope and nope, and nope. Short and messy, sometimes spiky, sometimes fauxhawkey. Really just like short dudes hair. Haha. Or short lesbo hair. Yeah, that’s what it was. Now, it’s just annoying!


I definitely feel it.
How long are you planning on growing it out to?


Chin length, maybe a bit longer. Back to simple ponytail length… if I last that long and don’t chop it back off.


Dude Braaahhhh! I was just talking about Spicoli w a client yesterday. We imagine that when bros hang out together they all talk like him. Haha totally gnarly


Day 15 with CyBorg my bestfriend!



Your dog looks so fluffy!!!
Insta-better mood


Had to laugh - CyBorg looks very serious!


He is and soft too!


He always takes serious pictures, but he’s probably the least serious boy ever. ฅ’ω’ฅ



11 months…:sunglasses:
I’m the first one on the left … the photo has no quality, but it was an incredible day running mountains!


Looks beautiful and like lots of fun!


Getting my shit together


Love the shirt! Very wise…


Cyborg ! Awesome :slight_smile:


Morty!!! Yay. :grin: