Sober selfies


Thanks! ฅ’ω’ฅ


goldenpoodle? one of my ex’s had one and it looks very similar, I loved cuddling with her… the dog.


You look beautiful and happy.


me too!! DAY15


How in the world did you all get up there?


Day 118. I had my first night out with friends who were drinking and survived!


Diggin the ukulele


Haha thanks!!! It is my happy place :blush:


Hahaha and congrats on 118 days! That’s awesome. Keep up the jams!


He’s some sort of retriever mix. I rescued him so I’m not sure; I’ve been asked a few times if he is a goldendoodle.

ฅ’ω’ฅ I might get a pupper genetic test done in the future because I’m curious. He is a snuggle bunny though.


Oh my gosh how adorable is this! ฅ’ω’ฅ Congrats!



Geez didn’t realise it was a close up lol sorry guys


@Anita_Jean I PLAY THE UKE! What are some of you fav to play?


Haha hahaha. That’s awesome :joy::joy:


No need to apologize. Close ups show how clear your eyes are. That’s a sure sign of getting healthy.


Let it be is probably my favourite. Stand by Me, house of the rising sun, million reasons (lady gaga), amazing grace, you are my sunshine, Hallelujah… to name a few lol

What about you?


Omgosh !!! Don’t,I repeat DON’T scare me like that! I knew your year sober was coming up awhile back but I had some issues (needless to say,I relapsed). Anyways lol I came looking for ya and I can’t find “mewilhowad” anywhere :stuck_out_tongue: n I’m like “dang,he left after he reached a year?! That sucks! There goes my crazy friend” lol
Good to see you’re still here :smile:


I dont know if this is cool to say or ok , but you are ridiculously beautyful !


Haha I keep a low profile these days but im still around dont worry