Sober selfies


No I live in Europe, the Netherlands. My sister lives north of San Francisco. We are doing a little roadtrip


Ok… Not as sober yet as I hope to be… At work on day 2 and making some coffee!


I haven’t been on here for a while but I wanted to share that I have reached 90 days. I’m struggling today. How do people work through the Bordem and numbness?


Oh thats awesome. Good for you. The grand canyon is beautiful



You have really pretty eyes.


I workout, clean, waste time on here to kill time. You feel numb in general? I went through a phase of that, but it didnt last long.


90 days is awesome! To keep myself busy I’ve been exercising more, hiking with my dog and family, reading a ton, baking, and just got a sketch pad and pencils and started drawing, for something creative that really occupies my mind.


118 days… I think I need a meeting.


Have you ever been to one? and congrats on your time sober !


I’ve been to two with a friend. I’ve never talked just sit in the back. It is motivating and not at the same time but I feel like I need to hold myself accountable somehow right now…


oh ok yea thats a good idea. We need accountability to help us Its a good way to build a support system as well. I hope you get to one. I know they help me more then I could have ever imagined.


I am today one day away from a year being sober.
I actually had today a lot of struggles and I don’t know why my addiction hit me again today.
So what I did was, I took some time to meditate, I listened to some soft music, I tried to relax my mind without having my mind rushing to act on my addiction.

Thank God, I am still sober even though I had a rough morning.

If I could do it, then you could do it too.
Wishing you a restful night from New York to you in United Kingdom


Been awhile so here’s a gym selfie


330 days today!


The numbness comes and goes but when it’s here it lasts for ages. I’ve replaced my addiction with eating which really isn’t good.


Thank you very much!


Only 2.5 days in, after messing up my 24 day streak but I’m feeling good!


Well welcome back to sobriety.
I know you can make day 25.

Also, in case it is under-appreciated the fact your eyebrow color matches your hair :wink::muscle::call_me_hand: