Sober selfies


Very nice. Alpha platform with all the creature comforts. They do have a nice butt.

My favorite ass end on a car is from the Terminator. Makes me salivate.


“We only play 80’s Joel! Now take your skank-hooker wife and get the fuck out of here”


7 months today! and my roommate finally gave in to letting my cat to move in! I havnt seen her in 7 months and im just so happy shes finally back with me! Everything is so good in my life right now, All thanks to God in giving me recovery. I hope everyone is doing good and staying strong. I can honestly say I love my life and its been so long since i could say that honestly… if ever. Thanks to everyone who has been with me on this journey I’m glad to be a part of this community.


3.05 days! I can’t believe that I have made it this far!!


Keep adding 1 more day!


So happy for you your cat is back with you! Pets are family :smile:


Go Drew, you can do it! :+1:


I know how that is…trust me.


I could tell the before and after. Looking good man. Keep it up!


Good Morning!!!


Thanks Jack! This is such a great community. Thanks for the encouragement!! How are you doing?


98 days clean


That’s awesome inspirational!! Keep it up!!


You really need some sunshine and warmth . :sun_with_face:☉:sun_with_face:


Thank you! So over this weather!


One day at a time. You’re stronger than you think​:muscle::muscle::muscle:


Great pic. Clear and strong sober eyes. Best wishes :wave:


:thinking:…Your new car is creating an addiction … I think we should talk about it…:yum:


I have felt like I’m missing out on part of the community here since I haven’t contributed to this thread. But, as an SA, I feel weird posting a picture of myself. Problem solved! Enjoy my first selfie here…


And bonus points for no Snapchat Filters!