Sober selfies


The app keeps saying “New Users cannot post pictures”… how long does it take for me to be an “old user”? I would like to snap and track my recovery - see if I look different over time, participate in the community.

Anyone else have this issue?


Dude - I honestly thought I was the only one coming up with that same trick with the water bottle.

Times are a changing for the better! Those days are done. :slight_smile:


I’m on day 3 today… how are you doing? Does it get better?


We do lot’s of incomprehensible things in the name of drinking. It really is insanity. Life is untold amounts of better without my “work water”.

Here’s to a better today, a better tomorrow. You are what you drink, to my kids I’m a rockstar and that’s all the buzz I need


It’s not how long you’ve been a member. It’s how active a member you’ve been. comment on a bunch of threads and give a bunch of likes, and you will be “promoted”, getting more privileges… At least that’s my understanding


@Tothedrew it hasnt got easier for me i had to reset last two sundays ago but i did get through this last weekend with out. So im feeling proud of myself which has made it a little easier! Stay strong :muscle:


@Tothedrew it hasnt got easier for me i had to reset last two sundays ago but i did get through this last weekend with out. So im feeling proud of myself which has made it a little easier! Stay strong :muscle:


That’s awesome man! We will all be better because of this - great job !


So I am going on my first business trip sober in like… probably … 7 years. Airports, airport bars, hotel bars… having a per diem that I can spend on booze… This is going to be hard, I know it. I also know that I am not alone. I remember when I tried open water swimming competitively. I hated having my head submerged not knowing where I was going. What got me through that was knowing that air is always an inch away.

You all have been my air. I do thank you. I will definitely need you on this trip as I make this trip a win.

Thanks again everyone. Next stop, Sobertown!!


That’s brilliant
I have one which looks like me


It’s okay @Raylove3. I have reset so many times - my app keeps telling me that I need professional help.

If you are in a trip and you miss your exit - do you start the trip over? No, turn the car around and go back and get off at the right exit. :slight_smile:

So look at this as a stumble. Learn from it and move on. You got this!!


I LOVE that analogy!


Meet my new baby. IT FINALLY CAME! I’m gonna have to start posting computer selfies 'cause I know I’m going to be on this thing a lot, at least for the next week or so.


Yesss! That’s always exciting, have fun! What games do you play?


I haven’t played anything in like 10 or 15 years. I’m gonna start with Rise of Nations and Civilization 5 probably. Definately gonna download Cities or whatever it’s called, supposed to be better than the last SimCity.

But I’m also thinking of getting into an RPG. Any suggestions for someone just starting back into gaming? I’m a quick learner, but my patience is a little suspect.


I travel for business all the time. Same challenges, plus vendor partners trying to gain my favor by offering to buy drinks.

There’s never a question whether or not I will drink. I will not. I love being sober. Stays strong and check in here frequently. You can do this. 100% within your control.


I still love World of Warcraft, it’s the best one out there :slight_smile:


Went to the gym, did weights and a five mile run. Went to CBT and back to the gym for another 5 miles and a massage.


@Yoda-Stevie That is exactly my environment. I just landed in Atlanta. Having a tonic water and cranberry. Actually, I feel in control. Sir - thank you so much for the encouragement, I really needed a plan. I appreciate it Stevie.


Same here. At a team training. Dinner was at a beer and ale place. Had ice tea and some awesome jagerschnitzel, kraut and something else I couldn’t ID but was darn tastey. Forced family fun is over, but some of my colleagues are headed out. Me? Gonna knock out some emails, get up at my usual 0430 and get after it in what passes for a gym at this hotel.