Sober selfies


So sorry to hear that. My dad died young also and like you, I have his eyes too so I totally get it! :heart:


I haven’t been able to play much the last few years, right when I built it I spent a fair amount of time with grand theft auto 5, kept up with the call of duty games til year b4 last, the last 2 I really hit hard were fallout 4 and doom. My friend convinced me to get a Nintendo switch since I’m on the road so much last year and I’ve been hooked on Zelda and Mario Odyssey when I get a chance to play. If ur fluent with emulators and downloading roms they made that last Zelda game for Wii so it’ll run on a Wii emulator, it’s by far the best rpg I’ve played in a while. Lol, @LeeHall I haven’t done any mining with it but I did set it up to do some DNA folding through that software the guys at Stanford wrote, it’ll do that and keep the torrents following smoothly while I’m playing games.


Two months sober as of yesterday! Still having some challenging days, but overall feeling pretty good about life.


For a lot of people everyday is a struggle at two months so you’re doing great. I’ve had two relapses right around there because I didn’t know how to live sober. Congrats


Thanks! My biggest problem is that I live alone and have this awful little monster residing in the back of my mind that likes to remind me that if I were to drink nobody would ever find out. I remind myself that my body feels good, I’ve lost weight and I don’t want it back, and most importantly that my brain is more functional and much less muddled by depression, anxiety and shame.


Hmmmm about sums up how feel at the end of the day today. Heading into day 39!


Looks like the wheels are turning


Wow amazing
Keep it up! How you look great. It is not worth falling back to the old bad habits.
If you feel like drinking again just look into the mirror and smile to yourself and you will definitely have the courage to stay strong.
You have such a sober smile




Almost 5 days!! I’ve been to a Mexican restaurant and three bars for work… traveling. It was hard but I managed to eat and have a tonic water and cranberry. I’m feeling amazing.


16 days!!!, can’t remember last time I have gone this long…cravings are still daily and I’m eating waaaay to much but…baby steps right?!


That is awesome man!! You are inspiring. I’m just about hitting 5 days… 16 though? I haven’t seen that in 10 years. I am ready man!! Kudos @Davidbowie



Thanks dude, cravings are still daily but just gotta take it one day at time, before you know it you will be at double digits my man trust me


They sure we’re! Far too fast for my liking lol. It’s like I got hit from every different direction with lots of things yesterday so I’m glad I woke up feeling much more peaceful today.


Keep up the good work! You’re doing great :muscle: you’re one month ahead of me. I’m living alone too wich always was a problem bc I was drinking home alone and nobody would stop me when drinking. So it alwaus was a fight on my own. I’m glad I’ve found this forum. It works wonders for me :blush:


You look beautiful :grinning:


Well done :muscle:keep going :muscle::muscle::muscle:


16 days is amazing!!! After 2 weeks being sober I would have a chocolate binge daily for almost 2 weeks. Now I’m on day 31 and it levelled out a bit :wink: keep on going mate. You’re doing great.


Thanks friend! I didn’t feel great at all actually, it’s been a rough week lol