Sober selfies


Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Don’t think I’ve ever done a sober selfie before! Have a great day guys!!!


Thank you so much!!!


My view today. Another glorious day to be sober.


The eyes don’t lie. That’s where you see recovery. Sober looks good on you.

And Thank You for not applying a snap-chat filter, making yourself look like a Furry.


Sober looks good! Keep getting after it, and thanks for not using a snapchat filter.


That feeling? That’s VICTORY! That’s the way you should feel every sober day, until “Sober” is just who you are.


I don’t have Snapchat lol I’m not really a fan of it!!!


I had snap for a bit, it was fun. Goofy. Hid those drunk eyes great lol


Teacher me the ways of the force Luke Beardwalker



Drumsticks are heaven sent…i am a tad jealous!


I love the chocolate at the very bottom of the cone. A real treat, my favorite part!!


Crossfit week 2. I notice the difference so so much! My belly is dissapearing like snow in the sun lol and feel much much more energetic. After the challenge is over I’m getting my belly button pierced again and a sleeve. Woohoo!


Strong beard


I grew it myself!


Mmm yes :hugs:


Not t heard them called drumsticks before! :smiley:


I approve that wardrobe, camoflage is a staple!


What do you call them?