Sober selfies


I’ve never heard them called anything else!


Um, Cornetto?!


Interesting…was just curious…i learned something new today!


Huh, me too! I’ve always known them as drumsticks too!


Cornetto makes sense, it was a woodwind instrument in the 16th and 17th century.(thank you google)


That’s the UK term for it? I lived in Japan. You should see some of the names they have for stuff.


What camouflage? I just see your legs peeking out. Ha ha!!


Almost to my first dry week in like 10 years!!!


I like what you did there, the camo hid it the first time I scrolled by!


Almost a month and a half alcohol free. I’m liking it!


Good for you !! Keep racking up the days. I’m not sure if it will help you but it helped me. I claimed a sober buddy on here. We are about the same time clean and kinda keep track of eachother. One more way to be accountable I guess.


Well I am definitely looking For that. Any suggestions?


Have you chatted with anyone often ? I know that a bunch of 7 days or less peeps joined recently. See if anyone clicks…


You look so great! :slight_smile:


Vrooooooom! Csunfurrys


You look awesome!! :star_struck::+1::rose:





Thanks @Star87 and @Sober_Ninja! I have to say, I really am starting to like this sober me very much! :kissing_heart: