Sober selfies


Looks lovely on you! Haha


Thank you!


That’s an awesome feeling to crush a presentation! Excellent job, be proud!


Nice job! Belly can be a bitch to try to get rid of. The rest of my body is tone…I swear I look like a spoon…lol.


You don’t look like a spoon…


I cover it well…lol. Maybe more like a baby spoon :laughing:


A dessert spoon…


Had a wonderful sober day with my family in Ponca State Park, Nebraska.


So I found out my uncle is in the hospital again today. He is an addict and alcoholic and has never been in recovery willingly, that being said he is my favorite uncle still and I love him and so sad to see him getting worse and made me grateful I’m no longer living that destructive life. He isn’t doing well and has chunks missing out of his kidneys and blood clots close to heart and brain…i have PTSD with people dieing stemming from me being orphaned at the age of 7 and I’ve been a mess for the last few hours. I think this is the strongest feelings of me wanting to use or drink to numb my emotions since getting clean and sober 1month and 25 days and the old me would probably be high right now to not deal with it…but instead I got dressed and put on my “powder courage”( makeup) and went to an AA meeting. Im so glad i did and im proving to myself I can do this and I feel like it was meant to be because I had an old man come up to me and he gave me words of wisdom and support which is just what I needed, not a shot or a bottle. So moral of the story…im struggling and It’s ok to not have all the answers, give it up to your higher power because it is his will and the answers are with him. Still sober and loving it!!


Wow! You do not look at all like the same person! Congrats on finishing your program and being back with your kids. I know that was a huge stressor for you. I’m sure they were sooo happy to have a happy and healthy mother back.


2 days sober …but I guess it still counts


How are you feeling? Better?


Day 58 (ow yeah!!), and some bags under my eyes!! Didnt have a good night sleep as my dogs thought it was party time instead of sleep time lol.




37 days



Finally broke my first goal and starting to see the benefits of committed strength training and cardio. That plus triple my intake of whey protein isolates and organic protein greens. I’m wiped out after 850 calories burned before work.


And, uh, where is this spoon?


I’m probably to hard on myself. I honestly didn’t realize just how much of a difference I’ve gone through until I looked at a before picture from a couple months ago


Lol, I see ribs and like you are maybe 10 lbs off from starting to see some 6pack.

Amusing thing fully unrelated, on my birth board if someone calls bullshit on a picture of some kind (like an ultrasound pic of identical triplets) the validating object is a spoon. Like to take a picture with a spoon in it or holding it.