Sober selfies


Yeah, I’m at 169 down from 182. I was told by a trainer (I get a free one at work) that if I can get under 160 then I should start seeing it. I do a ton of strength training and can feel the muscles they just haven’t appeared.


That is such an accomplishment. Are you tall?


Only 5’ 10"


Lol, only. I’m 5 9


And I was so, so sad when I weighed myself today. 212.4 lbs. It does not matter to my self esteem that I have a “Good reason”. I weighed 173-177 when this pregnancy happened and I had spent months losing about 25 lbs. So vain, when I saw my positive pregnancy test the first thing I thought was what a waste of effort. And it wouldn’t shock me to find out it had something to do with increasing my fertility.


Hes trying to get that “dad bod” look lol


Can you blame him? We didn’t get sober to look and feel like the most unhealthy version of ourselves. I think he looks great.


I javent been below 170 since high school and that’s when dinosaurs still roamed the earth :blush:


Umm spell check…wtf is javent? I’m losing faith…


Maybe your spell check likes to learn typos like mine does. What is really funny is I try to edit fast because I am afraid people will think I am drunk posting because of all the autocorrect typos.


Lol…I think the same thing!! Double edits are even worse!


That’s pretty impressive. I’m in pretty damn good shape right now and I still hover around 215 and I’m only 5’9". Hopefully this new job helps me shed some pounds. I still want to be running a sub 7 minute mile by the end of summer


Wow, that would be impressive! I remember I felt like a god when I ran my first 10 minute mile and then again when I had a 9 minute mile, which was the fastest I have ever done.


I’m at 9 minutes now on a incline on the treadmill. I haven’t done any street running yet. I work at a planet fitness part time so I have access to a lot of things for free, otherwise the motivation would likely not be there. The better I feel though, the more I get motivated.


Keep it up dude. I’ve gone from 176 to 167. What matters though is that my fat mass is down 4,3% since the last time I did this body mass measuring thing…at the same time my muscle weight has gone up 3 pound…Just have to remember that we spent years and years destroying our bodies…so it will take time to get it fixed too…no hurry as long as we are moving in the right direction…


That’s awesome you guys! I will so never tell what my actual weight is as I’m also 5’9", it shocks people and literally always has but you’ve all done well and are inspiring!


I am down to 8:20 right now. I gotta try and catch @rmgrimmer


Not bragging as I’m way off due to calf problems and I’m only starting to run again but I got to 5.06 for my fastest mile ever and was averaging 5.34 splits.

I think I could add a good few minutes on to that now :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah, I’m never going to be 17 again. I was running 2 miles in 11:30. That shit just is not possible for me at this point lol.


Do you get Parkrun where you live? It’s a free timed 5km race. I am going back to mine on Saturday for the first time in a long time. The competitive running really improved my times. I got up to finishing 18th in the race from 150 competitors and my 5km at 19.06 I ran 27.28 last week :slightly_frowning_face: