Sober selfies


I wish. I was so sure this was happening the other night. I laid down to rest for the “early labor phase” and then woke up to my alarms going off in no pain at all. I was so pissed.


I did the Amsterdam marathon as it’s flat. I fractured a metatarsal about 8 weeks before so I lost the miles in my legs and was cycling to keep my legs moving in the build up. I could feel it the whole race but thought “I’m here now”


Aww sending hugs, I hope it happens soon. Have you thought about getting induced?


Lol, by who? I am flying under the radar. It is going to happen. I had a rejuvenation in my faith in God this morning. The only thing that makes waiting suck is my attitude and questioning faith.


That’s a crappy situation to be in. Hope it happens soon.


Sending prayers



Have your daughter give you a foot massage after a walk. Lol. Two different people said that to my wife yesterday. Super random… Um, You know what? I think my wife may have lied to get a foot massage outta me last night​:thinking::joy:


Dude, I never go to the mall. We just did her first trip in to Victoria’s Secret. I was dying. We are in the hood. The black chicks who work there kept giggling about the super pregnant woman with the preteen sniffing all the testers and laughing at the butt floss.


Oh, and @Englishd, wearing the mumu sundress in your honor.


Thank you! It’s crazy, so many people say I look different now sober. Good thing though :heart::heart::heart::heart: I’m now a stay at home mom to the kids it’s so nice. It was definitely hard leaving for 3 months but i needed it.


I’ve started all kinds of exersice in january. One thing is running. Since I live in Finland I can’t run outside in winter months so I have only had the chance to run outside for about two months now…I don’t run on a treadmill cause it totally just kills my legs for some reason…there is this running event called extreme run every may which I did last year after being sober for less than a week…a huge mistake. This year I did spend many months in advance training all kinds of ways to be better. extreme run is 5 miles with 17 obstacles on the way. obstacles vary from crossing a river (which was 42 degrees Farenheit), climbing things, crawling in mud etc…now this is all in good fun spirit and most people put on funny costumes and just have fun, but then there are people who actually compete…my goal was to beat my time from last year which was hour and sixteen minutes…having now been training I thoght I’d be able to do this under one hour…failed miserably and finished in time of one hour and eighteen minutes…main reason for this was that the track was different from last year…so can’t really compare. also cause there are thousands of runners there was quite a lot of queing for some obstacles…so poor planning on the organicers part…anyhows…this summer I will be doing one more running event called the midnight run which is ten km=6,2 miles…and for this I plan to train quite a bit since it’s a pure running event I’m thinking that a time under one hour is my goal. Being an addict and always wanting more I’m already setting myself new targets after that though…which is I keep telling myself that next year I will do a half marathon and the year after that a full one…Sounds like a plan…this goes hand in hand with my goal that by the time I’m fourty I wanna be in best shape of my life. that would be 2020. I keep motivating myself with a song by my favourite artist Michael Monroe who has a song with lyrics " by the time you’re fourty you got a face that you deserve…" :wink:


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Today was a nice and sunny day so I forced a smile out of me for the time it took to take this selfie :wink:


TGIAF! 3 day weekend woooooo!


Me Monday and now. Big mood difference, but not 100%. On day 4.


Get dat money hunny! Lol


I was just listening to that song


My new job’s going great.


I’m baking chicken as well :slight_smile: