Sober selfies


I’m living my best life! Sobriety has allowed me so much freedom.


Sober for 2.33 days…


Better than 0.


First sober selfie at 41 days!


April 17th? Really? That’s my sober date! Sober twin, I found you!



What do you do in Christiana? Are you a mall rat?


Just keep going @Cgty04 The first week is the worst. Just take it one day at a time, one hour, one minute when it’s needed. You can make it. We are all here for you. Reach out for help anytime you need it. There’s always someone here to help.


@happyfeet hi there.

I have realised that A man can be stronger as long as he has someone to support him. Thank you, I am determined this time. I wish the same for you. Best of luck


Red light therapy



Day 254 loving the hot weather


Better than the Red Light District. Bad things can happen there.


Bill…get out of that stripjoint :wink:


Oh I know that district all to well…many of trips were made their when I lived in Prague…lol


Very encouraging words!!


Finally got my haircut after 4 weeks too long. Day 149
I just realized i have an inappropriate shirt on. Hope it doesnt trigger anybody. It was a gift from a goos friend who went to Ireland.


From memorial day!!

Anyone dig the hair cut?


Man we are putting on the same t shirt today ha ha good.


Damn dude, look at you! You look great! And super confident! Hope things are going well for you. Nice to see a summer look rather than the bundled winter look.


Today I start my transition back to my paleo diet. May as well document it with a selfie I can post lol