Sober selfies


Wow, such pretty hair on a pretty lady…what the actual F is paleo diet?


Haha. Its basically meats, fruits and veggies. No dairy, grains, etc. Like a modern caveman diet kind of lol


Ok…I’m loosing weight on this GMAOTC diet…so far this year already lost 10 pounds


Whats that? Mines more for health than anything but weight loss is a pleasant side effect of having my body functioning well. Gotta raise my vibration back up! :slight_smile:


That’s the allmight Get My Ass Of The Couch method…:wink:


Bahaha. That’s great!


Hahahahaha nice


I have a gluten allergy so I already don’t eat much bread. Gluten free stuff usually sucks anyway lol. Except the sweets and since I’ll be staying away from those again, my diet will resume to the no processed stuff lol.


Ohh nice! I just started Paleo as well. Pretty new to everything but I’m excited to do all this healthy stuff :grin:


It’s pretty easy once you get going with it as long as you like to cook and plan ahead. When I discovered my candida I was CRAZY strict and paleo was like a walk in the park comparatively. I’m psyched to be back on it! We can compare recipes and things that work together :slight_smile:


Paleo will help my candidia? It’s on my arms, stomach, legs. Everywhere.


It should. Its sugar and starch restricted, so nothing for the candida to eat.


Oh girl, we so need to chat. You have to be careful of using any sugar, paleo allows honey and maple syrup. Steer clear of those. At first also no yeasts, vinegar or starchy veggies. Probiotics are an absolute must the first few months while you’re building up your health. I’m also on magnesium to help move things along and colostrum to help rebuild the lining in my intestines and it allows the probiotics to work. It helps SO much. Did you see my post on the transformation post? Check that out if not. :slight_smile:


I’ll look into it. I look super gross and feel very itchy. I love me some kimchi so I can add that in. Sauerkraut really isn’t my thing. Can I eat quinoa?


Yup quinoa is great actually


I’ll go look at the post. What foods are probiotic?


I take a probiotic pill. Found at the health food store, refrigerated is best. For you, I may start with the highest count they have for the first month, that’s what I did. I take them twice a day right now


Saw the pics. Read the post. So no kimchi? Or yes kimchi? I’m also post gastric bypass so foods can be a bit tricky.


Yes, totally safe on that one


@MandiH is right about the honey and maple syrup. I use that very sparingly. Also stay away from fruits sweet potatoes and carrots for a while too. Stick to meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and nuts. Avoid legumes…especially soy.