Sober selfies


Sun is shining :sun_with_face: just had a 8k run. This is just below my apartment. Feel lucky to be living and chilling here. Life is becoming really, really nice :grin::sun_with_face: Day 440


What a great view


I’d love that! I cook daily already and made my kitchen Paleo friendly too :smiley:


Thanks! I know it’s about time I got some sun !


Ooh maybe we can make a paleo board! This is my lunch right now, half gone lol


That looks delicious, and I was thinking about a Paleo board too! :smile:


I just made it lol


Got new glasses! Love being able to see again haha :smile:


Awesome!! :smiley:


Driving in circles, walking in circles, it all pays the same! This new bid is sublime.


Whoop whoop! I love the efficiency or earning and losing!


I’m trying to imagine what would draw you to the entertainment wasteland that is Middletown. I give up, tell me


I spent my last 2 years of high school in Claymont DE at Archmere Academy. Not a great area, but Archmere saved my life!


Oh I actually love it here, I didn’t intend to sound negative at all. Living in Newark is great, it’s a small town without a small town mentality. I think the university brings in enough people of divergent backgrounds to make it a town a bit more sophisticated than it otherwise might be.

We have our share of trees and cornfields here too, so you probably feel right at home here.

We haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Pat, nice to “meet” you!


Five months and three days clean from heroin.


I mean I was at 41 days when I took the picture. My sober date is the 7th :wink:


sigh I’ll find you out there sober twin… :cry:




@Bill_Phillips did you ever hear back from your interview


My mom used to work at Crozier as a librarian or something. I miss that part of the country. Southeastern PA, Jersey, and Delaware are part of “home.”