Sober selfies


1 more day




Thank you!


I used to keep a moving box at the top of my stairs because my cat liked to play in it so much, with me. I don’t know why the box was at the top of the stairs though.


Before reading the last sentence of that i figured you were going somewhere like “the cat would jump in the box and fall down the stairs”…lol I don’t know.


Hahaha I guess where the box was was irrelevant. He never fell down the stairs lol


You always look like you’re just about to go kick some ass


I am a fighter, not a lover


10 bucks if you can guess what I’m thinking.




“If only I’d stopped to go to the bathroom sooner. Then I wouldnt have had to throw my favorite pair of shorts away. Oh well, such is life!”


Not at this moment lol. That was like 4 weeks ago, when I was working hella late on Friday. There was no defense that time… tmi?


This is a safe space. Share away. :rofl:


Ended my run, was walking the bus to check for stuff and people… then boom. No amount of clenching coulda stopped it. Sneak attack. Zero dark thirty shit… pun intended


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Speaking of that. Have you read the reviews on Sugar Free Gummy Bears on Amazon? You’re missing out on a major life experience if you haven’t!


I’ve known of the scourge that is Haribo sugar free gummies for a few years. People who eat keto found out the hard way, really fast lol.


Hmm…“These people here at the sober time forum are so awesome that it makes me wanna smile”.


Day 200


One very sharp and professional looking dude :wink:


I think they call it “glass hair”. Common amongst Asians and those of Mestizo or Native American ancestry. When I lived in Japan, I’d see many a baby with a full head of hair, standing straight up.