Sober selfies


My mom used to work at Crozier as a librarian or something. I miss that part of the country. Southeastern PA, Jersey, and Delaware are part of “home.”


I did…but they didn’t post the correct work hours in the job interview. So, between their obvious inept to write a correct job description and the fact that I can’t work those hours; I politely declined. However, I am in the process of of possibly getting my own franchise Planet Fitness…so there’s that :laughing:


@Englishd also I think I remember that you got yours which is awesome!


Had the second interview today but it looks look promising. I’ll know for sure in 2 weeks


Are you going to tell them that you are in recovery or keeping it to yourself?


That’s sweet!!


I used to get my clean needles there and they got me into a rehab once. If they wanted to know they wouldn’t have to look hard lol. My friend who got me the interview also knows I’m in recovery. That being said I didn’t bring it up at the interview bc it’s considered a medical condition and employers try to avoid those issues for legal issues. All I told them is I have standing medical appointments.

My recovery isn’t a secret, but it’s also not something that should factor into my employment. I will be working with addicts though so it could be helpful.


There’s always two ways of going about it…Last year I took a job as a restaurant manager and didn’t mention my recovery to my employer…turns out I couldn’t manage the job sober more than two months…that was eye opening for me in two ways…one is that I really have come to hate restaurant industry with a passion…and two is that I don’t think I can keep this information to myself or it’ll start eating me…this is in no way saying that you should…just how I feel with my situation :slight_smile:


Yeah. No f’in way would I be able to work in a restaurant. This is a public health agency so thankfully I won’t be surrounded by booze


Laid out by the pool earlier. Got a little tan and a little red haha definitely more sunscreen next time


If that happens can I come work for you hahah


I will need an assistant…I’ll put you on the top of the list!! :laughing::laughing:


I think I’ll call you Tyra so that I stand out from the crowd. I may as well have been born in DE, but I wasn’t. I was born in Indiana, and then my parents whisked me away to Delaware before I was old enough to know what the hell was going on. They took my brother and two sisters with us. Had I been old enough I would have recommended leaving them behind so that I could be the center of attention. By the time I was 10 they all went off to college so my plan of being an only child ultimately came to fruition. They were all 8-10 years older than me. I was obviously an accident, but I’ve not been able to coerce a confession to that as of yet. I realize now that none of this answers your question. I have lived here since I was about 2. So that means 47 years. See I can run my mouth too!!

I’m working on my top 20 albums from the 1980s for my Facebook page. Give me two suggestions.


Yeah give Me a restaurant with 8 milloin in sales and i’ll run it. No problem. Just that I Will hate every minute of it :joy:


new day new opportunities


7 am and I’m feeling puffy today but heading for coffee with my girlfriend so life is good!


This is My no excuses, work towards the goal, or My sex face?


Same time in the morning, 7am
Same place - the stroke unit :muscle:
Different skin colour :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:
I love you summer 2018 :purple_heart::pray:
Day 442 here - Happy Sober Saturday!


:ok_hand:awesome strike and looking perfect


Getting ready for second dinner!