Sober selfies


Yay, I got some color today!!!


Queenstown outlets! Ugh… no where local to shop lol


I just went to christiana mall a few weeks ago. Smh i couldnt hardly buy clothes. The new thing must be thigh high shorts my nutz can hang out of and small tight shirts… rehoboth outlets are tax free and there is a beach! Worried about 7% tax u prob spend that in gas up there.


Smh yeah look like my dad in the 70s with jean cut offs or joggin shorts…and retail 50 bux …go home they’re drunk! Lol


Power was out at work today so I got to tag along with my sister and her hubby taking my son to this lil ranch. I genuinely enjoyed myself. It was so fun to see my son run free and wild having so much fun with the littlest of things.


Hate allergies. Almost ruined my camping trip last weekend.



Those are two great choices. Thriller will be on my list for sure, but purple rain won’t. I’m far too metal for that!


Its not as bad today my sober twin! :slight_smile: As long as I don’t overdo it, it’ll tame back down-about 100 more times until I’m tan and not red lol


Back in Black must be included.


Random thought: I’m gardening yesterday and one of the kids comes out and yells, “Get off my damn lawn”. I giggled and thought aww Stevie would be proud lol.


Hey, hey! Good to see you doing well! Your son is beautiful! Looks like y’all know how to have fun.


Made it through my friend’s wedding sober AF! Discovered that “no buzz josh” is not a dancin man thus saving myself some embarrassment, and found a whole new realm of entertainment watching the ones who were, especially the brides mom! (Picture a 65 yo white lady twerking, nae-naeing, and doin the stanky leg lmao)


Heading to a meeting


Exhausted, grouchy and sick :sob:


Frikkin 7 in the morning and another Day at the Office begins


You have to wear a helmet to your meetings? Tough group…


Get well soon :kissing_heart:


Nah, that’s a wood shop man, I’d recognize it by the dust collector ducting and the air lines, even without that chair in the background…I work in the same kinda office and we just take our lumps when they come…no doubt there are helmets, a fancy little blade cover that goes on the table saw, and even those ear muffs like he has in the background there, but all that stuff hides out in the closet unless the osha man shows up lol


There’s no bullshitting or they hit you in the head. I guess I’m not sure If I’m honest or not :yum: