Sober selfies


You know you’re going to miss that shitty band…lol.


The rant about that bunch of never was dreamers garage band was glorious lol


They kept talking about coming to visit. :no_mouth: clearly, I wasn’t the one who invited them.
At least my husband came home at a reasonable time last night, sober.


Jeep hair, don’t care! :sunglasses:


I’m so freaking exhausted and would really “love” to go to the pool and drink and be mindless but that’s all my mind playing tricks on me. Because it won’t be relaxing in the sun, have one beer and then be done. That’s not going to happen, what’s going to happen is I’ll probably drink a ton, get really tired, emotional, irresponsible…and for sure be hungover tomorrow. So no thanks!

Here’s me today… I’m going for the trifecta with checking in sober, day 76, a selfie and a leg.

I finished upstairs :crazy_face: me and my crow bar were best friends. Another day sober under my belt, or knee pads lol


Sober Day 4 Selfie… Woke up motivated and now just darn agitated and patience level zero… ready to go and the kids are taking fffooorrreeevvveeeerrr… just breathe Rebecca… just breathe and count to ten…


Cut my hair off! So liberating. 35 days sober today!


Also, duck face. You’re welcome.


What a beautiful lady. keep up the good work.


Looks great on you!


Not everyone can pull that off, you look beautiful!



SLAYERRRRRR. Long time metalhead and this is my first Slayer shirt!

And this was me dicking around at the mall in a sequin jacket lol




You should buy that jacket. So faaancy.


That jacket is sweet! If you had a guitar you could totally pull of the ZZ top, “sharp dressed man”…lol




It was def sweet. They only had large though and I would tear the back out of it like Chris Farley in the fat man in a little coat bit lol




Day 288 haven’t posted in awhile just been busy with work and a lot in recovery. I got my first sponsee 5 days ago and that’s been … weird kinda that I’m a spinster now but it’s awesome and is def helping me in my recovery but idk I just felt like I should share a little bit. I’m just filled up recently so everything has been awesome !