Sober selfies


Lol, yeah I was joking with ya, then I realized I fell asleep the other night b4 I told u I thought u were talkin about animal planet to begin with when u mentioned it in that other thread


Your hair looks beautiful!


Thanks I grew it myself. :joy::wink:
I was thinking about putting a lowlight in next week, but I’m not sure I’m done being a light blonde.


Either way would look gorgeous.


Look at all those pretty freckles/“angel kisses”!
Also, cool necklace!


Haters gonna hate. Rock the freckles ladies.


Sober ‘distant’ selfie of our winter today at the beach. 26 deg… :joy:Am abit worried about global warming and the extremes we have having but lil man was loving it! Have always lived on the beach but 6 months ago had to move 40km away due to DV… my kids are so happy and settled now but I miss seeing the beach everyday. I honestly believe that sun + sand + saltwater is part of the recovery process x


Yes! Now I can put a face to your posts. That’s my favorite part of this thread. Looking strong lady! Keep it up!


Haircut by moi and hair color also… feeling good :blush:


You make me go all Roy Orbison here :slight_smile:


Did you know that Moi means hello in my language :slight_smile:


Family wedding. First time at a wedding sober, and honestly? It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be.


Ha! Roy orbison!
I think I know my playlist for this morning!


Haha well here its slang for ‘me’


Yeah…comes from french, doesn’t it?


Yes that’s right :+1:


Summer adventures✌


Keep getting better at getting better, each and every day!


Beautiful scenery. Makes me want to go for a swim.


Looking quite posh.