Sober selfies


Day 4


Me too this week. I actually traded out my pocket rose quartz today for a larimar piece instead. It never ceases to amaze me how helpful they really are!


Gotta love that Vitamin Sea🌊




Hehe! Just so you’ll keep calling me Lucy you know! :rofl::joy::rofl:


That somehow reminded me of the Lucy show…:wink:


Everyone loves Lucy!


I might look happy but I’m a little sad…
Trying to hang in there


These kids are sick and running me ragged today, but I love them, and when they smile at me it makes it all worth it


Today, besides the hematite, Tibetan Quartz and my Lithium quartz has helped so much!


Oi vey I love chunky babies!

Cute kids!


Thank you :slight_smile: they are definitely in the hunky chunk category. They make for good workout equipment haha


Look at those sweet faces!!! And they have a pretty mommy, too! Enjoy those Cuties :smile:


Hang in there!


Those cheeks. Must. Pinch. Them.


His legs are even more pinchable lol


Posh :joy: fresh hair and early-recovery-sobriety-energy that makes me want to make an effort and feel good, can have that effect I suppose :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ohhh i have a chunky monkey also… love them rolls!


On lunch at work, in the car listening to regulators. Life’s good.


A fast and furious mile at the river rail trail before a rain! What a beautiful night!