Sober selfies




Nice!! No time like the present to be sober :blush:

I was prepping the floors for my husband to lay down laminate. I just bought a place and we’re doing five thousand renovations in 1 week because we’re smart.

Lol we might have taken on too many things but we’re doing our best.

What’s your projects… I’d love to see it them if you feel like sharing :hibiscus:


Well, there is that, no arguments lol




Hahaha thats exactly how it feels!


Ouchie Wowie !:fire::fire::fire:


That is the best sunburn I have ever seen. I put solarcain on my epic ones. Makes it not hurt for just a few minutes which is better than most of the stuff on the market.


Teva lines on your feet?


Go Steelers! From California :football:


We run these streets! Can’t wait for the season to start up.




Wow it sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy. You will have to send me a pic when you are done with the floor, and anything else you would like to share.:grin:

I stripped the kitchen cabinets and am going to paint them. They were laminated and it was peeling pretty bad. I have a house that was built in 1904 so there is plenty that needs to be fixed…replacing base boards, window repair. Also, I am getting into woodworking, and am starting with a basic build (a footstool). I will send a before and after soon of the cabinets and a finished pic of my stool.


I love renovating! Good luck! My 1913 home was a huge job, but gave me a huge payoff when I sold it within hours of it going on the market. Such a sense of accomplishment!


Not drinking this football season is going to be the hardest for me.


Only one Dr. here…the other one is on vacation. Enjoying the silence and beeing silly :blush::joy:


Why will it be hard? How do you know it will be hard, when pre-season is still months away? Does drinking make watching gameplay more exciting?

If I might make a tiny suggestion: Don’t psych yourself out. You can learn to enjoy sober just about everything in your life to which you used to add alcohol. That alcohol makes anything more enjoyable is pure marketing bs.

And it will be BETTER…at least that’s been my experience.


We have traditions… we go to a regular sports bar in California that is packed full of Steelers fans. To start I order a bloody Mary if it’s a morning game, then the whole sports bar does a shot for every touchdown we score. We don’t get most of the games at home on local stations, plus the comradory is truly amazing. But maybe I’ll get a shot of red bull or something instead so I can still be part of it.


Make new ones.

Have a mocktail.

Heh…sounds like some clever marketing to drive alcohol sales. Can’t blame them though…it is a bar after all.

Ah yes, drawing energy from the crowd. I get it. Extroverts are energized by the group. Me? I am an introvert. I love people, but they wear me out. I’m not saying one is better than the other, because that would be false. Introverts and extroverts are just wired differently, that’s all.

That’s the spirit! You are there for the company, and to support your team. If these things are important to you, you will find a way. How about volunteering to be the DD/DT for your group? Designated Driver/Designated Thinker, making sure that everyone has an enjoyable time, and gets home safely.

You can do this!


Tired after working 3 nights in a row, but still have to eat right and walk the dogs! 1.41 hot sweaty miles!


With all the money saved from not buying booze you could afford the NFL package too.