Sober selfies


I imagine I’m going to save a lot of money on Uber’s and Lyft’s as well. I never drove drunk but that was at the cost of about $30 round trip on average.


Just trying to relax with my crabby, Blistery, sleepy ass!!


Even when I was drinking sometimes I would get a virgin Mary. I LOVE Bloody Mary mix (when it’s made fresh)! Do that! I’ve never touched Red Bull though, so you’re on your own there. I would just not do a shot. I’d be like F that, lol :wink:

Great, now I have a craving for Bloody Mary mix…


No make up and messy hair kind of day, housework and staying in the shade :slight_smile:


Conned into going to a swim meet with my friend, her husband, and kids. Pray for me! :rofl::bikini:


Yes we are going to be busy for a while but it will be a good reminder that if I’m drinking, those things won’t get accomplished.

That sounds like a big job with the cabinets! Can’t wait to to see it :blush: and the stool too!


Day 34. Gearing up for IKEA and bad drivers.


Had a schedule change for the next several months, so I will start hitting the Saturday AM Krav class. What’s cool about hitting different days and times is you get to train with new people. Last 3 out of 4 classes I have been paired with black-belts. It’s cool, because they make you work for everything, and when you land solid strikes or escape grabs and holds with one of them, you know you are doing it right. The downside is trying to defend against what’s coming back your way. If I went to the doctor right now, they’d likely call the cops thinking my wife is abusive, I have so many bruises right now. Shins, thighs, abs and arms.

Lovin’ It.


Hanging out at Calvert Cliffs, MD looking for prehistoric sharks teeth!


Love kickboxing myself, my shin was so bad after tyre kicks :joy: amazing buzz


So after the house was sorted I got myself together and at 6.45pm took my boys to the park, absolute scorcher in the UK right now, 87.8 Fahrenheit, 31 degrees celsius, so did not want them in the sun at peak times, so relaxing


207 days clean. And feeling good for it.


I do aerial dance and usually have some solid blacks and blues on my inner thighs and marks on my ribs. Before any appointments where any part of my body is exposed I offer to show the doctor videos of my sport so they don’t freak out. I’m glad it’s not just me who rocks non-trauma related marks :joy:


May they rest in Peace. Prayers for the departed ones. Thanks for sharing


One of my favorites… @MandiH is gonna kill me…


Bahaha!!! Omg, that trip was fun!


Cleaning my shed today! @Yomomma At least we both look funny again together lol😘





OMG this looks awesome! I would die tho hahaha