Sober selfies



Here I am, it’s 12.20am here so excuse the tiredness. Goodnight all! :slightly_smiling_face:


Put in a really good workout tonight at 9Round. Punching and kicking all the bad away.


How’s @Troxie today?? Nice job working out, you just inspired me to get my shoes on & head outdoors :hugs:


@TracyLeigh I’m doing pretty alright today. I didn’t want to go to the gym but I feel much better now that I did. However I got the pleasure of learning plank crawling and holding the plank on one arm while rotating punches is evil. EVIL!

I hope you enjoy some outdoor time! And I hope your day is going well!


I remember that face! :wink:


Plank crawling! Look at you! You’re the woman! :muscle:t3: Heading out now. Have to tag some trees we’re taking down in a few days and feed the geese. Really glad you’re having a good day :hugs:


I hope in a good way :joy:


Day 15.


Sober today at a place I would traditionally drink for. Not today. And it was better sober. :sparkling_heart::kiss:


Pretty sunsets, good vibes & beautiful people!
5 months and feeling better every day.
Life is amazing, enjoy it!


Day 23. Driving through Texas hill country headed to the coast.


Finishing work for the day and rocking 114 days without booze :fire:


Lunch break, and i forgot my glasses today.


Hope you dont crash your bike on the way home!


Oh i wont :wink: I never ride with my perscription glasses. Things are just a tad blurry…


Got my hair did


Went on the Helsinki skywheel today.


Spent the day with an old buddy of mine that needed me. My ex got him in the divorce so I don’t see him as much as I should but when he needs someone, I’m always the one that’s there. This old girl still loves me as much as she always has, stayed glued to me all day! :heart:


Day 34: I love my Fridays working from home. I take the dogs for a run before I start, and then they hang out with me all day while I work and listen to records :smiley: