Sober selfies


The sharpening which sounds like the most important part, is probably the step most skipped by amateurs (I’m guessing) l. You did great :+1:t3:


Congratulatory kisses from my cat :heart:️ 93 days sober


If you have the patience to grow a beard, you have the patience to sharpen an axe


My trees still standing, I just removed some lower branches… I could’ve used kitchen scissors, but wanted to play :grin:


Well that settles that then. Dull tools for me :joy:


Here’s a better 60 day selfie, but the dog shamed me…she’s not a selfie girl. :joy:


I’ll like it just because my wife is a Packers fan lol.

You can find all sorts of neat things at the city dump huh? :rofl::joy:


I was a die hard Bears fan (pre 85’ even)! My Cutler frustration grew year after year after year :tired_face::rage::weary: and I slowly switched to the Cubs :grin: I do like Trubisky though :+1:t3: Did they ever sign Roquan Smith?


Nope haven’t signed him yet. Born and bred Cubs, Bulls, and Bears fan. Became a Blackhawks fan when I moved to Michigan to annoy Red Wings fan.


Look at you, making Chicago proud! (Poor White Sox :joy:) I go there often, was born in Park Ridge actually :+1:t3: Hockey’s exciting to watch in person, I could easily follow that. Basketball just can’t get into that. But I’ll keep trying :joy:


With the rules changing SOoo darn much in football, what constitutes a fair catch to the new helmet rules… I don’t think we’ll even recognize this sport in 10 years time :face_with_head_bandage::sweat:


What do you sharper your axe with? Knife stones?


That’s what I use…a bench grinder works well…before I use it again, I will take it to a buddy who has one


Omg adorable


Definitely a great workout. Me and my father split alot of firewood. Gotta love the smell of a Wood stove in the winter. Only if u could do this with an axe… You would be badass man…


Love the smell of a woodstove. I buy the fireside candles for my fix.


Roquan Smith still not signed. He’ll be there before regular season though I’m sure. :+1:


Holy shit. This is the first time this year I’ve worn a dress for the day! Got home too late to do laundry last night lol


You’re glowing :heart: and I love your dress x


10 days!