Sober selfies


Double digits!


Love it! My decision-maker is whether or not I’ve shaved my legs. Laundry is a good one too!


I am weird and shave usually every day but I knew heading into the shower this was what was I had to wear today so that was nice! Lol. Bought it months ago, wore it to try it on and hung it up on the hanger. I like dresses but haven’t been a dress person in probably 10 years, it’s rare to catch me in one. I like it but I do wish it was longer and past my knees. What I didn’t notice is this lovely slit in the middle where the material comes together so it shows much more leg than I want…I am not sure I’ll be wearing it again anytime soon lol. But it’s really comfy!!


Lol ended up looking a little more sexy than you intended today! That made me laugh! I can only imagine your surprise when you realized it.

The only thing I like better about pants for my office job is that I can sit cross legged in my chair while I’m deep in a project and not be inappropriate. Lol

It’s a really pretty dress!


Man Cutler made out like a bandit. When I think of Cutler I see him on an exercise bike while the back up is in the championship game, counting all his cabbage


Day 195. Happy Friday people. Make a difference in someone else’s life today.


Quite fetching.


We are all-wood for heat in the winter. Pellet stove and a wood-stove fireplace insert.


Phony smile because my friends are coming to visit me and I feel too green to manage. I will overcome!!!


Omg…my coworker has never seen me in a dress so I was in a conference call when she came in and I wasn’t paying attention…she spun my chair around to see my dress and the dress flug open in the middle where it connects/overlaps…bahaha! The look on her face was absolutely priceless!!! She has apologized the entire rest of the day. I told her shes lucky I wore a tank top underneath it or she would have seen even more! Bahah! I love long skirts so I can sit cross legged in them like pants when I wear one, I can’t even cross my legs in this because it opens, lmao!


You can do it, hang tough! Have a plan ready in case things get dicey


When you’re a database administrator, and it’s Friday night, and that’s what you do… Work… At least I can do it from home. In the old days (early 90s), this nonsense was always from in the office…



We so need a laughing emoji added to reply to a post
LMAO :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


It’s gut-level sharing @CaptAZ… not gum-level! :rofl:


This makes me wanna schedule a time at the dentist…Maybe it’s time for me to get my missing tooth replaced with an implant…maybe a gold tooth?


Can’t believe my littlest man is 1 tomorrow!! and the bonus… I won’t be hungover!! Love this kid like crazy… he’s the happiest, easiest most snuggle obsessed bub. Its been a crazy 12 months… here’s hoping for more settled times ahead :heart:



Sunny Sunday about to head out to my fathers 75th Birthday party. Alcohol free birthday party too :cake:


1 week, no alcohol!! Now to just stay on track!!