Sober selfies


Newest addition to the hat gallery


Visiting the family and my pooch on this muggy day.


We had a beautiful time in New Jersey for the weekend.
Kids behaved and we had a great time


Nice man. Pimpin aint easy, but yiu make it look like it is!


Winston and I are doing a read along. He doesn’t seem that into it.


Hellraiser 16…“Now the Cenobites have beards! Oh, the terror!”


Makes me think of movie Mars Attacks too lol. Datttt dat dat dat daatt


Day 58, checking in from cube land. Absolutely exhausted after a full weekend of working on the new house, but it was very rewarding. Hoping to start painting this coming weekend. It’s been about 7 days now of severe humidity around here, and my Irish blood is just too thick for it…it just sucks the energy from me, but there is much to look forward to! This week marks the return of (American) football and my beloved Raiders.

Got that early Morrissey look today.


Raiders…BOOOOO! Yay to everything else.


Is it Pats or 'Skins for you? I know your NE roots but that your baseball allegiance has moved south with you. Same for football?

They play eachother this Thursday, coincidentally. I actually really like watching the 'skins, catch most of their games. I pull for them out of the NFC.


7 months and 3 days sober! 30 lbs down, building my dream home and starting a family next year! Life is good! All wouldn’t be possible if I wasn’t sober, alcohol truly robbed me of my spirit, and I’m so happy to have ME back😌 I love this forum and the support it’s shown me💜


Never could get behind the Skins. Really not a football fan at all, if you really want to know. If I must pick one, its the Pats, although I used to be quite partial to Buffalo, back in the Jim Kelly days. The Nats are my team, but I still love the BoSox.


Hopefully my last picture on this broke ads phone. Lol
Get paid today I need a new phone since this one is starting to go out more then just the broken screen.
Man I love getting paid just to play on talking sober :joy::joy:



Super stoked! I just got the ok from my PO to make my trip to CO in September. Flying to NC, meeting a friend then driving to CO and then back to OH. Time to check some more states off my list :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Schools are back in session. :slightly_frowning_face: But it’s Monday and I’m sober, joyous and free.



Sunday, December 9th. 8:20 PM ET. Oakland Colliseum.

Raiders vs Steelers.
Nationally broadcast Sunday night game.

You’re going down, oh bearded one. That date will coincidentally be my 6-month soberversary, so there really is no other possible outcome.


Goin down to the jeweler, there’s gonna be some ring measurements going on. Gonna run out of hands to put rings on soon.

Thank you God football is back. I don’t give a damn about or for the new rules but let’s flip some coins and toss some pigskins!


This is a fun thread - especially since the Jaguars have owned the Steelers…


They won twice last year. And deservedly so. I’m from AZ, the Jags landing Campbell was huge, I got love for that monster.