Sober selfies


I wear little to no makeup, you did just fine!


No amount of make up could tame this, so I gave up on make up a long time ago :rofl::joy:


You’re a natural beauty :wink:


Yes, @MandiH @daffodil , it’s very strange not having makeup on…but I decided to stop wearing it when I got sober on 08/01/2018. I wanted to see if there were any positive changes to my skin…the first couple days I had a client ask me if I was sick :eyes::joy: that’s why I was skeptical of sharing, but ohhhh well, y’all will see it eventually lol


It’s all the beard. Lol. Does wonders for a dog like me.

barks at the moon


haha oh hush! :joy::joy:


Whatever it takes, right??




Check out the transformations posts. You’ll see why I wanted to wear make up…lol. My autoimmune face is sometimes less than kind to me, its always red. Whatever I say now, without the alcohol it’s light years better than the day that horrid photo was taken!


I will have to look for the transformation thread. And my face is normally red-ish as well, I think not drinking will help to a certain degree, but not completely, and I’m okay with that.


This is me right now, getting ready to paint my house :slight_smile:


I want to help! Lol I love painting rooms


I do too :slight_smile: I just hate the prep! Come on out to Maine!


I’ve never been, but my grandma used to live up there and LOVED it!


It’s beautiful here, I think everyone should visit at least once in the summer!


Yes you do!! I love Morrissey!


@Rain66 another car selfie for you!

Got my sub working! Oh the joy! Mind numbing bass has been restored!


As do I! The Smiths are by far my favorite band. That music means so much to me. Enjoy a fair amount of Morrissey’s solo stuff too. Drove to Brooklyn to see him perform 2 years ago, it was an incredible night. Might’ve had some watery eyes a few times :slight_smile:


I wish I could “like” this more than once!


You look great with no makeup! I only wear mascara myself.