Sober selfies


The Smiths is my favorite band too! Headmaster’s Ritual is one of my favorite songs. And I love Morrissey’s older solo albums more than the recent ones.


Just rocking away on the porch. It’s really hot but being inside sucks. Btw “Foosball is the devil!”


I love that flick.

“What mama don’t know wont hurt her”


Mama sez gators is mean 'cause dey have all dem teeth and no toothbrush.


“Mama, Vikki Valencourt says I’m a voigo”


Feeling super content and happy today :blush:


Those are the best days @Becsta. Beautiful :hugs:



Oh.My.god. This just made my day! I hope you posted this in the “we need to laugh thread” What letter does Sobriety start with? S. This is not a coincidence.


wow only a week left and I’m a year clean !! I have to be proud if myself cuz I’ve never made it this far before I must be doing something right :grin::grin:


Mine will be 1 on Thursday!!! I agree. I’m glad I’ll be able to remember his birthday and not wake up the next day (or any day) hungover not wanting to do anything but sleep!


Absolutely! What better gift can we give them than to be a present and sober parent! It was an awesome day :blush:


I’m with you…love the Raiders. Fan since 88. I’m a following them day to day type of fan. Cool bro, glad I found another RNation brother.


My son and I this last Saturday


Hell yeah! I was born in 88, but the Raiders are my team I’m definitely most passionate about. Been a fan since 99-00 (was a Miami fan as a kid because of Marino. He retired, and the Raiders became my new team). I have a Raiders tat I got in 2011 that takes up most of my forearm.

Optimistic about this year, last year was such a let down (I chalk it up to the coaching, especially the coordinators). Loved me some Del Rio, but it just wasn’t working anymore. I welcome Chucky back home. Our division is so “meh”, and believe it’s ours for the taking.

I will also feel LOADS better once we get this Mack deal done. I know it’ll happen eventually, probably hinging on the Aaron Donald deal.

Sorry for the essay, I just get so excited when I run into other Raiders!


Exactly! We need Mack back in the lineup ASAP. I think a big part of Macks holdout is because of the agents of Aaron Donald and also Khalil Mack waiting to see who sets the new mark for contract $$$ for non QB’s. I think Mack wants to be out there with his teammates. I’m still not worrying because I believe after the preseason games, once the coaches see the effects of NOT having Mack out there, they will pick up the tempo to resign him. I have seen they have the money for him specifically. After they make player cuts to reduce their roster getting ready for regular season. Gruden gave his word to the fans…to us fans…a couple weeks ago that he will find a way to get Mack back out there for us. I’m excited about this upcoming season too. Also, haha, if I ever got a tattoo…It would most likely be Raiders related. First preseason game is the 10th! Right on man!


Part of me also thinks that Reggie and Mack have some kind of agreement on the sly to drag this out so he doesn’t have to play most of preseason or training camp, so he avoids potential injury before the season begins…if that has any truth to it, I like it. But yeah, no doubt he wants to be out there mowing opponents down. Heres to a great season coming up!


…Didn’t mean to take up this much space either. Could talk football all day with ya though. Haha. I forgot where I was at haha


…Ahhh Yes. That could be true as well. I didn’t think of that.


What a cutie! You both look like you’re having a lot of fun together!