Sober selfies


Just keep getting better at getting better, each and every day!


Jeez, I have a kid your age.


Sober voting


My body is 29, but my spirit is about 75.


My body is 52, but my spirit is immortal. My focus is on legacy.


My focus is on bed time and where my next reuben sandwich is coming from.

Told ya. 75.


Sobers never looked better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::rofl:


Thanks! We do. My son lives away from me but I see him every couple weeks or so. We do all kinds of fun things together. I see you have your own. Cute little daughter. Is that you two in your main photo together?


Thanks! She’s my entire world, going to be six in December. It’s so fun hanging out w these littles and seeing the world through their eyes!


My sobriety has restored my relationship with my babies💖


Look at those beauties!! Lucky Mama! I bet they love all of the changes you’re making!


Awww thank you. They are so happy to have their mom back! They’re such amazingly little people, so forgiving. I see you have a little beauty yourself!


Amazing how much can be restored when we get sober.

My kids trust me again. That is no small miracle.


Beautiful family @Shawnaleah! Congratulations on your hard earned sobriety & Welcome! :hugs:


You are so right!! And when trust is earned once again it’s so worth it!


39 days sober! Made a friend over the weekend while I took a trip to Canada to see some beautiful sights!


Yay for 39 days!! Congratulations :hugs: Aren’t new sober friends fun?? :smile:


Got the beard comming back strong!


You both look so happy sober.
I don’t know why but goats are a recurring theme on this forum. There’s:

  1. Recovery
  2. Derek @Englishd
  3. Pie
  4. Goats

The keys to sobriety I suppose.


I need a pie.