Sober selfies


This is very true good sir


It’s a beautiful day out. Enjoy your sober Thursday folks.


She my entire world! Going to be 6 in December. How did that happen?!

And my sobriety helped me to get pregnant w my new little guy. I can’t believe he’s already 5 months old!

My daughter used to say, “Do you need more wine, Mama?” when we were at the grocery store. Ouch! We cut through the wine section the other day and she asked why we were there. What a beautifully simple example of how different life is and, like you said, how easily they forgive.


Have a good day beautiful @Jessi.lynn :hugs:


Attending or teaching??


Just beautiful @Troxie! :hugs:


I’m attending…I’ll be bob the builder when I grow up…which is likely never :wink:


Well then we’ll all pitch in & get you some overalls for graduation :+1:t3: Seriously, great move! I went back to school in my 30’s to change careers. Best decision! Takes guts & bravery! Now try not to flirt with the teacher & no cheating on tests…those days are over :grin:


Thanks…no flirting will be easy…teachers are all old guys :wink: My history with working is 17 years of restaurant industry…and apart from me not thinking that’s a worthy of my time…or worthy as a business in general…doesn’t go with my current moral standards so to speak…apart from all that it would most definately be unhealthy for me…so I’ll let younger people sell beer to the needy. For my it’s learning to build houses…I hope one day I’ll be as good as the third little piggie…so that they can huff and puff but they won’t blow my houses down :wink: Oh and I got then overalls covered…we get all the gear that’s needed for free…gotta love our education system


Good move! I worked a few years in restaurant/banquet management for large hotels - toughest job ever! Really crazy hours, staff turn over, very stressful, so I don’t blame you. When you get your contractors license that’ll be cool! You can build uber custom homes, entire developments, commercial, or even remodels. Sky’s the limit! :clap:t3:


Yeah and I’m turning 38 on saturday next week…so I’ll be a young 40 year old when I get my degree…a Man at his prime :wink:


Nothing wrong with that. You’ve got a good 40-50 years of genius building ahead …so study hard! :hugs:


Apparently 40 is the new 30 so you’re good


I will not even consider adult like behavour before I hit fourty…that’s a promise :wink:


I’m feeling absolutely wonderful on this beautiful Thursday! :heart:


Day 510 - Life is stunning right now in most ways I have to say. I have been working hard to get here :muscle: Just got my hair done by a friend in the fellowship.

Sobriety is very attractive, modern and cool. Remember that you all and keep trudging :muscle::purple_heart::pray:


Day 240. I say it’s high time I posted a proper sober selfie. Vacation is good. :slight_smile:


Strong Beard!


It’s getting a little unruly as I’ve been on vacation for a week and forgot my trimmer. Will have to post another shot once I have a chance to clean it up.


YES! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment since I joined. You probably didn’t realize that you were one of the first people to respond to one of my posts. Haha, don’t have any clue what it was about.

You are one handsom dude! Keep that great smile shining brother!