Sober selfies


And where are you? That beach looks cool as hell!


Unruly beard, or a liberated face…


Hmmm…I don’t think I’ve ever posted a selfie either! Hey guys! Day 220 here!


Ha! Hopefully I said something worthwhile and didn’t ramble too much. Glad I didn’t scare you away. In the outer banks of North Carolina with the inlaws for a family reunion. Time with family is a blessing… a week is a lot.


I’m seeing so many new faces to veteran names! This is fun!


Good taste in shirts, Mike :smile:


Beautiful pic @ELY83!


Thanks @TracyLeigh!! You too, @Modestakieran is right…it is really fun to see the faces of those Ive read the posts of! It gave me a little bit of anxiety to post😂 but…I suppose I spend more time with you guys than some other people in my life!


You are so pretty and such an inspiring person. :blush:


Awww what a lovely compliment ~ thank you! You’re a beautiful inspiration to me as well :hugs:


Shirt twins!


3 months. It feels good to be present in life again


He’s smiling!! :heart_eyes::wink::+1:


That’s photoshopped, surely.


Thank you. I have everything to smile about when I’m grateful


Forgot to upload this from a couple of weeks ago. It takes a lot of work to look this good. For @CaptAZ


Congrats on your baby boy! What a blessing he never has to see you drink. My babies are teens now and they have two alcoholic parents, who are both sober now, but they’ve been through a lot. And I’ve had similar grocery store experiences. I remember going to the store for things I didn’t need just so I could buy more alcohol. I never had the balls to buy just alcohol, like the person checking me out could t tell anyway, I probably reeked of alcohol and I could barely pay my hands would shake so badly. Ugh I never want to go back to that life!!


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: it looks yuuuummmy. Like caramel!


Day 3 spending time with the doggo


Sorry to hear you have relapsed. Well, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. Are you still going to meetings?