Sober selfies


Renaissance Festival! :slight_smile:


It’s the last weekend here! :+1:


Explain butter beer to me


Its like a mix of root beer and cream sodaish with a strong butterscotschy flavor with a creamy whip cream stuff on top. Its a drink popularized from the Harry potter movies @ Universal Studios :blush:


Day 26 for me, had a week off and never felt happier on a Friday morning :hugs:


They have Tim Hortons in upstate NY. But people from NYC call upstate NY “southern Canada” so there’s that…


I have a Tim Hortons about 4 miles from me. Never ventured into it.


Maryland? That’s the one I go to ever year, been going since I was born lol





What? Ice Cap , breakfast sandwich in a wafle or breakfast bun, a hash brown and a honey creuller donut… Is what you need to order


Whaaat? You should go in!


Looking as fabulous as ever girlfriend! :heart_eyes:


Over 7 months ago, I would only post black and white photos because my right photo is how my face looked ALL the time. Now that I quit drinking, life has vastly improved and now I can choose if I want black and white or color photos vs needing to hide my imperfections caused by drinking. I’m pretty psyched about this realization today! :heart:


Headed out for a long, chilly weekend in a mountain cabin. Need. This. Break. But first, a haircut. Starting to feel like a hippie.


Have a great weekend Master Yoda!


Have fun! We all gotta get away sometimes :blush:


Thanks Mandi :heart_eyes:


Look at you… you look amazing :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Enjoy your weekend and keep up a smile