Sober selfies


Ha! That made me laugh!


:smiley::smirk: true story


Some things have went metric… All new Automobiles are mainly metric bolts now even when made in the US. Which having both metric and standard bolts is retarded. I can use a 9/16ths on a 14mm or 3/4 on a 19mm… As for if we ever landed on the moon first…we may never know… They say the gov has no record of it. And many say it was all staged like hollywood. No one has been to the moon since to prove it.


If I lose my 14mm socket, I’m screwed with my Honda :joy::rofl::joy:


I feel your pain.


That must be confusing…with two measurements…that’s why one of the mars missions failed…cause of two measuring systems…I don’t think that people are clever enough to stage a thing like the moon landing…:wink:


I’ll send you a sympathy socket :wink:


I’m in Indiana


And it was like 97 at the peak :unamused:


One of the reasons I love driving the truck. My beautiful little guy always falls asleep on me.

He looks so tall but is actually a 4 year old munchkin. Also, i just want to point out i wasn’t driving at this time, ha. I was in my driveway, just sayin’. I want to nip the “are you driving and taking selfies with your kid in the car?” questions in the ass.


0 there is 32. So we can guesstimate. Or use The Google.


Or compromise and standardize on Kelvin :joy:



I used 10 emojis because of the San character count requirement… But it was useless because I felt the need to explain my ridiculous ise of emojis.


I knew there was a meme for this :joy:


Haha, that made me laugh real good. For the record, as an American I find that gross as shit. Don’t put doughnuts ANYWHERE near my triple cheeseburger!


For real, I tried this once with one patty, bacon, cheese and a glazed donut cut in half as bread…it was actually awesome! May have had an egg on it too, I dont remember lol. My kid saw it on TV and he insisted he try it once!


Yay metric for the win!


Ewww! Just, ewww! And to think I used to respect you… :joy:


I generally do not like burgers but that sweet kick was delicious!


morning everyone hope everybody has a great day :smiley: stay safe stay sober