Sober selfies


Your smile is becoming more and more happy with every day!


I think those are sausage patties, and that bit of delciousness is a Krispy Kreme Kronut.


I’m all about doughnuts, don’t get me wrong. Just not on or around my meat. They are two SEPERATE, but sacred things!


Everytime I see a post from you, I hear Johnny Rotten singing “Anarchy in the UK”, except its “Anarchy in the C A”


So you are saying these aren’t two great tastes that taste great together?

I’ll agree that a beef patty has no business being near a glazed donut. But a sausage patty? Those were designed to be around sweet things, like pancakes, waffles…so why not a donut?


Awww thanks


Love it lol maybe one day I will tell the world why it’s tattooed on my arm … maybe … my world is becoming less chaotic every day


Tuesday training face! Sooo stoked to get rid of this part of my job lol.


Have you seen a Picture of what Mr. Rotten looks like these Days? Time was not kind on him


Might of been the years of abuse lol glad we stopped now


Gym done.


Is this evening for you … 7:30 am for me


16.30. a meeting at seven and My Day is pretty much done


Yes, but next to Iggy, Johnny looks quite good.


Heh heh, good one😂


Iggys always looked the same…saw iggy and the stoogees tennish years ago…he played “I wanna Be your dog” twice. Must have forgotten the first one by the end of the Show :yum:


Back in the day, I could do “Lust for Life” as a running cadence when out running with my unit. Was a huge Iggy fan back then. Was also dating a straight up punk rock chick with a blue Mohawk and safety-pins in her nose and ears, so everything was Sex Pistols, Plasmatics, Clash, Generation X, and Iggy.

Oh you should have seen the faces on some senior Marines when I took her to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. She made a huge effort to tone down her “look”, but there was only so much toning down possible. I thought she looked fantastic. The SgtMajor’s wife didn’t share my view, and I got a some sideways glances from her.


To funny I had a blue Mohawk and a safty pin in my ear in 1987 … was a little skater punk :rofl::rofl: made me laugh thinkin about it


Now…I’m confused…so back in the day you used to date @Yoda-Stevie ?? :wink:


Fuck … I guess my secret is out now :grimacing:I do a little cross dressing on the weekend … what doesn’t everyone :rofl::rofl: