Sober selfies


Have a great trip…


At 18 days sober!! Happy free Friday! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Hip. Happenin’. Sober.


Hitting a nooner today.


Hell yeah. To thine own self be true man.


104 days. Trying to unsad myself with some music and Sanpelligrino


We’ve got a meeting here called “the lunar nooner”


Day 200.


You are rocking day 200!!! You go girl!! :heart_eyes:


Is it only on a lunar day or is it just a noon meeting name?


Great job. I’m 27 days behind you.


Day 45 :grimacing:


Your Nick reminds Me of a Song by Type o negatively…called Nettie…Oh and Super congrats on 200


Red eyes.


Yep! In between rounds.


Haha :crazy_face: It’s tough. Do you work night shift?


Feeling better today :blush:


200 days of getting better at getting better! It shows.


Got costumes last night, the boy doesn’t like his after opening and trying it on, we told him lol, so he got another. If I was the drunk I was, there probably would’ve been reusing of old costumes like days past. He got another costume though because there’s money and we want him to enjoy his night.

This is the face mask of his new costume, with a baby durl cameo. She’s such a lover.


Nope! Cut my teeth at Bristol (Wisconsin), but NorCal now. It’s just not the same! :sob: :slightly_smiling_face: