Sober selfies


We called my grandfather popo how funny, I’ve never heard anyone else call their grandfather that. :heart:


887 days sober.


133 days sober. Just finished a 30 min workout. Sober and working out… two things I NEVER thought would be in my future. But here I am. Plus one of my little sunshines:-)


7 Months sober!!!


55 days sober!!


Not a selfie. Every day I am proud to at least try to be a better person. Some days it’s hard to even get off my butt! But every day, I can choose which way to lean. If I don’t drink, things will only get better and better.


Such a wonderful picture! Blessed indeed!


Today after church


Lol whoops that was a screenshot


Day 8. Feeling good…!


Me and one of my loves after my workout this morning. It’s a good day not to be 6 feet under, eh?


What a DOLL! I have a first year kindergartener this year too😭


8 days sober
I’m looking forward to staying sober long enough for a sweet transformation pic but for now this is what you get.


Thanks!! Time sure does fly doesn’t it!


Great smile!


I just posted this on all of my social media. Most of my close friends know that I don’t drink anymore, but a few continue to ask me to drink with them. Expecting a few less messages now!!


Thanks!! I’ve said yes to lots of events that involve alcohol, I just don’t drink. There’s just some friends that don’t realize that I quit so this is their opportunity to see that!! Good for you for declining :slight_smile:


Seeyamuffintop ftw! I seriously giggled :joy::rofl:


Hahahahaha totally!! Muffin top is the worst!


Sounds awesome. Enjoy.