Sober selfies


Unfortunately the #SoberStache is gone, the wife just couldn’t handle it’s awesomeness anymore.


Hows it feel to chop your man hood off? :confused:


It was hard to do, I must have sat there with the razor in hand, staring in the mirror, hesitating for 45 minutes. I might have even teared up, but as they say, happy wife, happy life.


You’re a good husband. I don’t even know what my husbands face looks like. Lol. He’s had a full beard as long as I’ve known him.


Awww you’re too kind. I can’t even grow a full beard, I wish I could, that would be so rad!


:joy: it was pretty awesome… the good news is you can bring it back some day and have a sober no stache in the meantime


I think I’ll lay low for a while with no stache, then grow it back when shes not looking! :rofl:


My wife would be appalled if I shaved, I’ve shaved it all off once in the last 10 years… I regretted it instantly.


Ha yeah! Seriously if I came home & my husband had shaved I’d probably call the cops like “there’s a stranger in my house” lol


A sober selfie before and after a 12 hour night shift. All glowy at first and then 3 am hits… :woman_zombie:


This could also be a before and after nursing school pic :woman_zombie:


No, no…It’s happy spouse, happy house


That is so funny! Let’s be like Bill.


Work selfie!! Freezing my ass off, smooshed down in my heated blanket with coffee and I still can’t get warm. 108 days. Trying to smile and fake it til I make it because I don’t want to be here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:


I forgot my coffee! Uuuggghhh


That puts a new spin on house hunting!


rocking the chicken hat


“Fake it”? If that’s a “stage smile” you are definitely ready for your close-up Mr. DeMille.


Thanks! Its a faker! I hate this place!! :joy::joy: I joke! I’m grateful just to have a job really. Its a pretty good’un too. I just hate being up that early :blush:


Love this pic. You all look so happy :heart_eyes: