Sober selfies


Thats awesome man!! Congrats! Living that good life now!


Hell yeah! That’s great news!


Eff yess!!! Those smiles are well deserved!


Damn bro, that’s amazing! You two look so happy and beautiful. Y’all are such an inspiration, don’t known if I could have done the same.


Sober smiles! Too close for comfort :joy::joy:


That’s so awesome…congrats…good things happen to bus drivers, if they just stay sober :wink:


Lol ya a bit


1 week clean today



Sober selfie :selfie:


Nice…looking good! Easy does it!


Looking good! It’s the simple things!


Thank you and I hope ur doing good :blush:


Crack of dawn sober selfie. 90 days today! I had a dream last night that someone offered me alcohol and I turned it down. That’s NEVER happened. Asking you guys to keep my family in your thoughts today :heart: My nephew has brain surgery today so it’s going to be a rough day for our family. Happy Friday to you all and I wish you a sober weekend.


Congratulations! And sending all the good stuff for your family today!


Congrats on your 90 days, you are glowing!! I’ll send prayers and healing thoughts to your nephew and family, I hope all goes well today.


good morning everyone :smiley:I hope everyone has a fantabulos day​:smiley:@angie-lah I’m sending all my positive energy to you your nephew :zap:️:zap:️


Happy Friday, friends. Have a great sober weekend.


Prayers to your nephew and your family.:pray::pray::pray::raised_hands:


Looking good Bill! Happy Friday to you