Sober selfies


Thank you @MandiH @Marshapastata @Declan & @Anarchy appreciate it!


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Friday gainz!


Sending positive vibes your way & for your nephew :star2:


Me with @Forged


Looks like my gym. Do you live in TX or do all of the LA Fitness’ look the same?


Lol, they all look the same. I live in Los Angeles. I go to Austin from time to time to visit my wife’s family.


Haha good to know.


My and my wild girl :two_hearts:
Pippi was once an indoor cat, but she longed to be free! One taste of the great outdoors, and she would never turn back. These days she comes and goes as she pleases, I see her a few times a week :blush:


Dogs have owners, cats have staff :joy::rofl::joy:


Surgery is over, my nephew came through like a champ and they don’t suspect any malignancy from the lesion removed from his brain. Thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts :heart:


Truer words have never been spoken!


The resiliency of kids never ceases to amaze me. Blessings on your house.


Prayers for a complete and total restoration of health, and blessings on the hands of his care-givers.


Thank you :heart:


Thank you!


Apparently saluting and giving the finger is inappropriate:/


What does saluting and giving the finger mean?
I’m English so it’s not immediately obvious.


He posted a picture of himself “flipping off” a camera , and one with what appeared to be a joint in his mouth. Neither of which are appropriate for a sobriety forum. So, he can feign ignorance, but he’s an adult and should know better.


All that.

The finger is one thing, whatever, but the joint is a whole different animal.