Sober selfies


Looking forward to see your transformation pictures. Congratulations on your 8 days. You rock it girl!!!


I’ve seen the sober sunsets, here’s a lovely little sober sunrise from the Papagos.


Sober golfing is really a lot of fun.


Picture from a wedding :bride_with_veil:


You rock those pants! They’re really cool.


Thank you. I wish I played as good as they look.


Love it!!:kissing_heart:


Exhausted but thankful I’m sober haha


I watched a movie about Joy Division some years ago, tragic that he had to commit the ultimate sacrifice, made some pretty good jams


One of My favourite bands



What was the name of the movie? One of my favorites as well.


Yeah its a good movie and he hung himself the night before the went to their first US tour in 1980 it was sad left his lil girl behind I love his songs really deep


Shit man I don’t remember. I googled it and I think it’s “Control” but I’m not certain.


Yeah its called control it was on Hulu awhile back that’s where I watched it oh and on hulu right now their is england belongs to me how Morrissey started the Smiths



Joy Division, heck yeah. Was just listening to Unknown Pleasures last night.

Just saw your comment about the Morrissey movie, The Smiths are my favorite band. Saw Morrissey in Brooklyn a few years back, it was awesome.


You look very happy! Cute dog too!


All the Raptors know how to do right now is win.


HAve you seen 24 hour party people which was loosely also about them