Sober selfies



Thanks! Usually my Dad is doing something goofy in the background to get the twins to smile! My mom took this photo of us.

Plus we were all squinting into the sun which can look like smiling! :grin:


So you’re always up for a laugh :wink: hope you had a nice sober day. Bet your kids are proud of your mum.


164 days sober. I need this Snapchat filter. I’m so tired all the time lately. I think it’s stress. What can I do to get over being so tired all the time? I get plenty of sleep.


Way to go! I find diet and exercise gives me lots of energy. My wife on the otherhand, no matter what is always tired because shes anemic.and she doesn’t take her iron.


Welcome - and you look gorgeous. I hear you on the tired front, though. How old are your kids? Three and four here, and I’m a baseline zombie.


A RARE spotting of Mocatt our forum Historian! :wink: prettiest zombie i ever did see i reckon’… I give up on the southern talk…🤦


I agree with @Donnie_Spiering, you’re a gorgeous zombie!!! :kissing_heart:


First aid 2 training


Donnie, you are ‘bout to earn some sweet tea and humidity! Thanks, my friend.


Happy Thursday!


Thank you. I have five kids. Two are grown with children of their own. I babysit the grandkids plus have all my younger children’s activities to manage. Great description…I am a zombie myself.


Thanks. Yes, in the beginning I was doing the keto diet and walking a lot. I felt really good. I need to get back to that I guess. It’s just hard to find the motivation.


Light-moderate exercise, and maybe a 15 minute power-nap (no longer). Stronger bodies better resist fatigue. I usually sleep 6 hours every night. I workout a minimum of 60 minutes every day, some days 2 hours if you count a martial arts class 3 times a week. I should be exhausted, but I’m not. I’ll get a power nap in, right before dinner. 15 minutes, tops.


Well hello Bond…James Bond. Looking in fine form, my friend!


How do you just nap like that? Is there a special technique?


it’s a learned skill. I visualize a bucket of water, with drops hitting dead center, and the ripples emanating from the center, and breath with the drops. breath in as the drop falls, out as the water ripples, I’m usually out in about 2-3 minutes. I set a countdown alarm on my phone for 15 minutes. I wake up, usually before the alarm sounds, stand up, stretch, take 10 deep breaths, and I am right-as-rain.

The key is to start trying, and learn to quiet your mind. Your body will adapt, and you will be able to do it.


I’ve taken a sober selfie everyday for a week. The top left is a week ago, me on the sidewalk was 30 minutes ago.
(No foundation or concealer because honestly I’m trying to keep an eye on my skin, it’s something I’m self conscious about. When I was drinking it would get so red sometimes it would look purple!)
The only thing I really notice is how different my eyes look with & without eyeliner.


Oh thanks! I’m going to give it a go.


You look great! And with no makeup too! :heart_eyes: