Sober selfies


I just finished the army and I took a picture to send to my friends and one superior who are still active and thought I’d upload it here but it was flagged for inappropriate lol. The finger is the middle finger by the way


Hey, thanks for letting me hang out today!


Wait, are you here in Pittsburgh?


Got it - thought they must be tied in, but couldn’t work out why.


Hey @Arae, I was the one who flagged your picture. It wasnt so much for the flipping the bird as it was for the joint. There are recovering addicts to pot and other drugs on here. It may be triggering to some people who are freshly sober and vulnerable. Take no offense, I’ve had posts flagged too. We mean nothing to you personally by it.


They do make papers to roll tobacco too. Tops actually sells a pouch with tobacco and papers. As you can buy rolling papers at your local gas station. Usually a cheaper alternative. I can understand the trigger and warning here. As even for those quiting smoking ciggs or tobacco can be easily triggered by the smell or sight of a cigarette.


I’d like to think that if someone posted a picture of themselves drinking, shooting up or posted porn on here, there would be a cry of outrage over it. So as to not have double standards here.


First Time causing a trauma to little Viljami


Oh that was a rolled cigarette sorry!!! Here in Greece it’s much cheaper to buy Rollie’s rather then packs but I get the confusion and that’s my bad


@rmgrimmer no offense taken I thought it was the middle finger haha but I didn’t think about the cigarette so I do apologize and see where it raises problems


Day 126. Getting ready to cater a wedding.

Have a strong day!!!


Thanks for taking it easy! There have been people in the past who’ve lost their cool and went off in a tirade, then ended up getting banned. You’ll fit in here nicely!


Looks good on ya😮


brothers kiddo…


Headed to see my favorite annual play at the local theater with husband. DRACULA! 3 more sleeps and we’re on vacation!


Sobriety taught me to keep my cool and not to explode at little issues that are fixed easily with a conversation haha
I hate auto correct


. 102 days opiate free!!!


Look I’m driving while sober, yay! (Parked, not texting and driving)



Last race of the season completed. Now to start training for next year!