Sober selfies


Got some new jammie pants today guys… I’m in love!!! They are soooooooo soft and warm and comfy!!!


60 days sober selfie! Think I’ll only post sober selfies every 30 days! Maybe I’ll start seeing myself get younger,


What, like younger than the 22 you look now? :slight_smile:


Lol, thanks :joy::joy: I’m 39 actually.


Looking great!


Today marked 20 years since my mom passed away. I took this selfie and it amazes me how much I look like her. She was only 46 when she died, I’m 38.


Gimme a rimshot smitty


Looking younger by the day:-)


New shades, amazing how much money I am able to save (and still afford sweet shades) not drinking all the time. Almost to day 90, one day at a time.

“We’re on a mission from God.”


First Day at real work. So early in the morning it was still Black Outside


22 day’s free from drugs, enjoyed a family christening the weekend :smiley: i hope my kids will be this cute! Haha :joy:


No work today so went for a 10 mile bike ride this morning. Something I never could have done a few months ago when mondays were always a BIG hangover day for me. Loving sober life!


Is that a motorhead hat?


Sure is :yum::yum:


Day 18. Wish those were butterflies and not a headache. You guys be productive and I’ll just lay in bed all day…


Thought that is what High Noon looks like in Finland during the winter.


Sure…not quite there yet…this was at 6.40 a.m…Don’t know when the sun came up :wink:


That’s what 6:40 am look like here in NoVA. Are you sure you’re in Finland?


Well his 6:40 am is like 6 hours before yours lol


Yes, but he’s a fair bit of a more northerly latitude. Still, I guess dark is dark.