Sober selfies


180 days! That’s wunderbar! :grin::+1:


Congrats. Bumbelbee


220 sober days! :fist:

Apologies and you’re welcome in advance…




Nice hair!


At least you have hair… I have to wear hats to hide my bald.


I see that mask, and I hear Anthony Hopkins asking if the lambs have stopped screaming.


Right picture is 14 days sober from alcohol
Face much less puffy


Personally I like that tie. I used to have a huge collection of ties until heroin and crack lol.


GOLDENFACE!! I hope you watch the office! Congratulations!


Security life is pretty boring! At least I’m not hungover! This is day 24 for me, happy free Friday, y’all!




Awh! Your sweet, thank you! I have to say I think we all look a bit better when we’re sober :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Almost 60 days sober


You should show us what you look like with a manbun


Paisley ties are the best. I’ve got one just like that, but pink. Favorite tie I own.


I agree. That is a nice tie. I have like 30 ties. When I meet with customers, I always wear one, unless they tell me to “lose the tie”.


Me too. I have a USMC tie-tac that I am proud to wear. Can’t do it without a tie. I have subtle ties, and power ties. Holiday ties too.


I would imagine it is. As a young Marine, I stood or walked an armed post many a time. Could be crushingly boring, the only excitement being when the Officer of the Day showed up to inspect the guard. Still, it beats the other extreme, where something goes down, and the reason for security become apparent.


221 sober days! 1 giant towel!