Sober selfies


Hoping your headache goes away quick! A frozen water bottle on the back of the neck has always helped me.


Soon the time with no sunlight will be upon the lapland folks…I don’t even know the term for that in english…but for a few months the sun will not be rising in the north finland…I just googled it and it lasts for 51 days…what this means for helsinki though is that the sun rises very late and already sets before regular folk get off of work…so there’s a great chance of missing daylight if you spend the day indoors…

Edit; Again googled it…so the shortest day is naturally the 22th of december where the daylight might be available in helsinki for a massive 5 hours and 49 minutes :wink:


Long Dark. 30 Days of Night.


Isn’t this a movie about Vampires?


Thank you! I definitely need to try it!


No it’s mid winter in north finland…muhaha


I’d call it the “creatures of the night feeding time”


Land of the midnight sun.
Along with Sweden, Finland, Russia, Alaska and Canada.


Raider Nation, my man! Congrats on 102 days, well done


I can almost hear Robert Plant singing the Immigrant Song!


One of my favs. The best music is from the 70s.
I don’t know if this link will work


I know Lappland! But I’m a geography nut :stuck_out_tongue:


10 months 1 day


502 days here in beautiful Maine!


Bling bling!


I’m not sure of anything.:yum:


Hell yeah! Motorhead!


Day 8. Just finished a 4 mile walk/jog on the boardwalk with my boyfriend. Feeling good!


#SoberStache is back on.


Day 345